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catcher vocab

nonchalance indifference, a showing of little interest
premature occurring or existing earlier than what is normal
scrupulous very principled, very careful and conscientious
atheist one who does not believe in god
disciple a follower of a teacher or philosophy
homely plain or unattractive in appearance
exhaust to use up; to drain
bourgeois a person with the traits or viewpoints of the middle class
humility the quality or state of being humble in spirit
pacifist opposed to war or use of force
monotony sameness
inane lacking significance, meaning or point; silly insipid
porous something that permits the passage of substance through pores
mutinous rebellious, unruly
innumerable very many; more than can be counted
adaptable willing to conform or to adjust
conceit excessively high opinion of one's own worth or abilty
complex complicated
boisterous rowdy, rough and stormy
appreciate to increase in value
spiritual concerned with the soul of god; not material or tangible
muted toned down or silenced
reciprocal mutual interacting
repulse to repel or rebuff (usually with rudeness)
rile to make angry, to arouse resentment
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