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the awsome new stack

my spelling study stack

adiabatie occuring without loss or gain of heat.
arduous extremlly difficult.
bloodhound a large powerful hound of of a breed of European orgin remarkable for heenness of smell.
colossal of relating to or resembling a clossus.
conundrum a riddle the anwser to which involves a pun or play on words as what is black and white and read all over? a newspaper.
desist to cease as from some action or procceding.
disagreement diiferent of opinon.
extrovert an outgoing gregarious person.
incognito having ones identity concealed as under assumed name esp. to avoid notice or formal attention.
malicious full of characterized by or showed malice.
perturbeb to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind.
plethora an excessive quantity or fullness.
stymie a very distressing and thwarting situation.
tenacious holding fast characterized by keeping a firm hold.
yak a large stocky long haired ox.
Created by: Joshie poo
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