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Snowman ch8

Information Processing Theory

What are the three memory stores? 1. Sensory register 2. Short-term memory 3. Long-term memory
How long does short term memory last? 20 seconds
What does research say about the use of visual imagery in learning? Students who generate visual images as they read attain higher levels of comprehension and recall than students who don't.
What are some possible explanations as to why forgetting occurs? 1. inadequate consolidation 2. nonmeaningful learning 3. few opportunities for retrieval 4. interference from other material 5. lack of retrieval cues
What are three components of metacognition? 1. declarative knowledge - knowing that... 2. conditional knowledge - knowing when... 3. procedural knowledge - knowing how to use various cognitive processes.
What are two strategies teachers can employ to ensure technology is used most effectively in the classroom? 1. Teach students how to be disciplined and purposeful users of technology. 2. Choose hypermedia programs that have the smallest number of features that will still allow you to accomplish your instructional goal.
Created by: Tony Smith