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Russian Primsleur

Excuse me. "Извини́те."
"Good evening." "До́брый ве́чер!"
"Good morning." "До́брое у́тро!"
"Goodbye." "До свида́ния!"
"Hello. (informal)" "Приве́т!"
"How are you?" "Как дела́?"
"I am fine, and you?" "Хорошо́, а у Вас?"
"I'm sorry." "Я сожале́ю."
"no" "нет"
"Please." "Пожа́луйста."
"Thank you." "Спаси́бо."
"yes" "да"
"My name is... (Literally: They call me...)" "Меня́ зову́т..."
"Hello. (formal)" "Здра́вствуйте!"
"and" "и"
"café" "кафе́"
"Can you help me? (lit. You are able for me to help?)" "Вы мо́жете мне помо́чь?"
"direction" "направле́ние"
"hotel" "гости́ница"
"How do you get to...?" "Как добра́ться до...?"
"I am American. (male)" "Я америка́нец."
"I am American. (female)" "Я америка́нка."
"I would like... (lit. I want)" "Я хочу́..."
"museum" "музе́й"
"United States" "Соединённые Шта́ты Аме́рики"
"airport" "аэропо́рт"
"hungry (masculine)" "голо́дный"
"I have a reservation. (male)" "Я заброни́ровал но́мер."
"I have a reservation. (female)" "Я заброни́ровала но́мер."
"I would like to go to... (lit. I want to go and reach by vehicle to...)" "Я хочу́ дое́хать до..."
"quickly" "бы́стро"
"restaurant" "рестора́н"
"street name (lit. name of street)" "назва́ние у́лицы"
"taxi" "такси́"
"to walk (lit. to walk (multi) by foot)" "ходи́ть пешко́м"
"What is your rate? (lit. How much costs the room?)" "Ско́лько сто́ит но́мер?"
"Friday" "пя́тница"
"Monday" "понеде́льник"
"Saturday" "суббо́та"
"Sunday" "воскресе́нье"
"temperature" "температу́ра"
"Thursday" "четве́рг"
"today" "сего́дня"
"tomorrow" "за́втра"
"Tuesday" "вто́рник"
"Wednesday" "среда́"
"What is the weather forecast? (lit. what forecast of weather?)" "Како́й прогно́з пого́ды?"
"What time is it? (lit. How much time? differs from Pimsleur)"
"yesterday" "вчера́"
"See you tomorrow." "До за́втра!"
"beef (meat)" "говя́дина"
"beer" "пи́во"
"chicken (as meat)" "куря́тина"
"coffee" "ко́фе"
"Do you accept credit cards? (lit. You accept credit cards?)" "Вы принима́ете креди́тные ка́рты?"
"I would like..." "Я хочу́..."
"May I have some water? (Lit. Is it possible for me a little of water?)" "Мо́жно мне немно́го воды́?"
"May we have the bill, please? (lit. Is it possible to bring for us the counting, please?)" "Мо́жно принести́ нам счёт, пожа́луйста?"
"or" "и́ли"
"water" "вода́"
"black (masc.)" "чёрный"
"coat" "пальто́"
"good (adj masc)"
"green" "зелёный"
"hat" "шля́па"
"How much is it? (lit. how much it cost?)" "Ско́лько э́то сто́ит?"
"I would like to buy a..." "Я хочу́ купи́ть..."
"Just looking, thank you. (Lit. I am simply looking, thank you.)" "Я про́сто смотрю́, спаси́бо."
"one (masc.)" "оди́н"
"shoes, footwear" "о́бувь"
"size" "разме́р"
"three" "три"
"two" "два"
"dictionary" "слова́рь"
"English (lit. English language)" "англи́йский язы́к"
"I can't read Russian." "Я не уме́ю чита́ть по
"I don't know." "Я не зна́ю."
"I don't write Russian well. (lit. I poorly write in Russian)" "Я пло́хо пишу́ по
"I have some questions. (lit. By me exists questions)" "У меня́ есть вопро́сы."
"not" "не"
"to speak" "говори́ть"
"to translate" "переводи́ть"
"arm" "рука́"
"emergency (lit. extraordinary event)" "чрезвыча́йное происше́ствие"
"head" "голова́"
"Help!" "Помоги́те!"
"hospital" "больни́ца"
"I need help." "Мне нужна́ по́мощь."
"I was robbed. (lit. me [they] robbed)" "Меня́ огра́били."
"It hurts here." "Тут боли́т."
"leg" "нога́"
"Call the police. (lit. summon the police)" "Вы́зовите мили́цию."
"ATM" "банкома́т"
"five" "пять"
"four" "четы́ре"
"Go up those stairs. (lit. Lift yourself upward on that staircase.)" "Подними́тесь наве́рх по той ле́стнице."
"money" "де́ньги"
"passport" "па́спорт"
"six" "шесть"
"to count" "счита́ть"
"traveler's check" "доро́жный чек"
"Turn left." "Поверни́те нале́во."
"Turn right." "Поверни́те напра́во."
"When do you close? (lit. When you be closed?)" "Когда́ вы закрыва́етесь?"
"When do you open?" "Когда́ вы открыва́етесь?"
"check in time (Literally: Time, when it is possible to settle oneself into the room.)" "вре́мя, когда́ мо́жно засели́ться в но́мер"
"check out time (Literally: time, when it is necessary to free the room?')" "вре́мя, когда́ ну́жно освободи́ть но́мер"
"eight" "во́семь"
"eleven" "оди́ннадцать"
"What is your rate?" "Ско́лько сто́ит но́мер?"
"nine" "де́вять"
"noon" "по́лдень"
"room" "но́мер"
"seven" "семь"
"ten" "де́сять"
Created by: Ender23



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