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Law Ch 11 Key Terms

general damages money awarded to a plaintiff's for pain and suffering and for cost of future care
exemplary damages another term for punitive damages
defence a defendant's response to a plaintiff's claim
special damages money awarded to a plaintiff for specific out-of-pocket expenses
default judgment decision made in the plaintiff's favour when the defendant does not reply to the plaintiff's claim within the required time period
mediation an attempt by a neutral third party to get two opposing parties to come to an agreement
balance of probabilities proof needed in a civil action
garnishment the procedure by which a defendant's money in the hands of a third party is claimed by a plaintiff to settle an unpaid judgment
defendant party who is being sued in a civil lawsuit
plaintiff person who is suing in a civil lawsuit
cause of action a valid reason for suing
arbitration a process more formal than mediation for resolving disputes between persons through a third party
punitive damages money awarded to a plaintiff to punish the defendant for bad or uncaring behaviour
negotiation an informal and voluntary dispute resolution process between the parties involved without the involvement of a third party
litigation the process of suing
injunction a court order requiring a person to do or not do something
claim legal document in a civil action outlining the plaintiff's case against the defendant
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