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Unhealthy Lifestyle

Bad Choices

What does it mean to be unhealthy? Poor diet, little or no exercise, overweight
What are unhealthy choices? Fast food, not exercising, sitting around, smoking, alcohol consumption
what determines what is unhealthy? Gender, age, pregnancy
what does an unhealthy lifestyle lead to? Alcohol is absorbed into the blood of the mother and baby
Osteoporosis Disease in bones, bones become brittle, break easily due to lack of calcium, common in women, diet and exercise help in prevention
Obesity Having an excess amount of body fat
Sedentary Type of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity
Cardiovascular and Heart Disease Disease of the heart or blood vessels
what are the chances in getting Cardiovascular and Heart Disease? Not exercising, high blood pressure, overweight, hereditary, affects older people
Diabetes Affects the way the body uses glucose
Type 1 Diabetes No insulin to allow glucose in the cells to make energy; glucose will build up in the blood
Type 2 Diabetes Body makes insulin but it can't always get glucose into the cells so pancreas puts more insulin in the blood stream which results in over working the pancreas
Anorexia Eating disorder, very afraid of gaining weight or things their body is too fat
Bulimia Binge eating and then purging
Created by: Kelly Chrismon