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pols exam 3

chapter 11 Participation and elections

Why is participation important for both citizens and the government? For citizens, it influences government and sustains democracy. For the government, there is legitimacy and electoral accountability.
Australian ballot An electoral format that presents the names of all the candidates for any given office in the same ballot. Introduced in the 18th century, the Australian ballot replaced the partisan ballot and facilitated split ticket voting.
Process of Electoral College We do not have a national election for president, its really a whole bunch of state elections that happen on the same day. The "electors" from each of the 50 states gather in state capitals in December and vote for president. The person who receives a maj
Popular vote impact on the Electoral college When you vote, you are voting for a set of electors, not the individual running for president. We have a whole n=bunch of elections on the same day.
Plurality vs. majority rule Plurality refers to the largest number of votes received by any candidate while majority is more than half the votes.
Proportional vs. winner take all representation Winner take all-CA + most states. Proportional rep-Nebraska and Maine. % votes per candidate gets that same % of EC votes. ex. obama 45%pop vote--45 EC votes. makes it harder to reach majority vote.
Retrospective vs. Prospective Voting for what the president has done is the past vs. what the candidate claims they will do in the future.
Rational Voting We need bother rational and non rational votes in a healthy democracy.
5 ways citizens participate vote, campaigns, communal, contact, protest,
4 groups that participate educated, wealthy, older, partisan
4 ways to increase participation voting mandatory, voting holiday, relax registration laws, increase organizational membership.
Unique characteristics of the American System low turnout, two party system, primary elections, electoral college
primary vs general election two elections for one office.
3 ways the primary distorts democracy Increased influence of $ means only wealthier people afford to win. Reduces turnout: progressive movement-due to moving primaries to people. election fatigue.Incresed media influence-candidates rely on media.incentive to change positions--flipflop
total # of EC votes, # of EC votes in CA, and # to win presidency a;kjsd
faithless electors asjd
arguments to keep and abolish the EC sdsasd
Issue voting q;hf
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