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Heiny-IED column 2

assistiveor adaptive technology to continuous improvement

assistive or adaptive technology products,devices,or equipment,wheather acquired commercially,modified,or costomized,that are used to maintain, increase,or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities (assisistive technology act of 1998)
audience an identified group of people whose chararistics are of interest to a desinger for product developement proposes .chararistics may include age,gender,income,interest, and other descriptive items that realate to the specific product
bit a bit refers to something that holds just a single piece of binary othr words a bit is in effect a single placeholder binary number 11011 is comprimised of three bits ,wheras the binary number 101 is comparmised as three bits
byte a unit of computer storage containing eight bits
cabinet oblique drawing a form of oblique drawing in which the receeding lines are drawn at half scale and usually at a 45 degree angle from horizontal
cad/cam the intergration of computer adided manafactering to improved efficiency
classical style latin for elie it repesents the highest orders of argiculture estabished by the roman architect palladio the term is used today to describe architect design that is based on original greek and roman design elements
conductor; a material that allows the flow of charge(typically, but not always,electrons).
constraint a limits to a desing process. constraints may be such things as funding space , material,and human capbilities.(2) a limitation or restriction.
continuous improvement: astrategy used by industry to innovate or modernize exsiting products.
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