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Heiny-IED column 5

freehand to inverse square law

Freehand Dont manually without the aid of instruments such as rulers.
Graphic Design The process of planning for some form of visual communication using type, photographs or video, and illustrations arranged in an aesthetic layout for a printed page or digitial display for the Web or multimedia presentation
Hooke's law The principle that stress applied to a material is proportional to the resulting strain (change i length). This is only true, however, within the elastic limit of the material.
human factors (HF) The application of the knowledge about human physical characteristics, behavior, and abilities to the design of products, systems, and enviornments for safe and effective use.
Hydraulic system Uses a liquid to transfer force from one point to another.
hypothesis An assumption based on limited evidence as a starting point for further investigations; and/or(2) a proposed explanation for an observation. A hypothesis is an educated guess, which forms a basis for investigation or analysis.
industrial designer a professional who designs products and systems.
insulator a material that does not allow the flow of charge.
intellectual property an original work usually associtated with innovation but also coverigng authorship, including literary works, muscial works, dramtic works, pantomimes, and choreograhic works, pctorial, graphic and scupltural works, motion pictures, and sound recordings.
interchangeable parts An important developmet during the Industrial Revoultion where parts or components of a product were designed and made to fit ina ny product of the same type.
Inverse square law Any physical law stating that some physical quantity is inversely proportional to the square of the independent variable (often distace).
Created by: Heiny Man