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Heiny-IED column 8

column 8

patent a form of legial protection granting exclusive rights to the inventor of a unique new product or process
personal idetification number a number or alphanuneric that is used to gain entry to a secure site
perspective a from or pictorial drawing in which vanishing points are used to provide the depth and distortion that is seen whith the human eye
plan a detailed porposal for doing or achieving somthing
planned obsolescence the consious decision on the part of a designer to produce a product that will become obsolete in a defined time frame
popliteal height the measure from the floor to the back part of the leg behind the knee joint while seeted
postmodernism a desinged movement beginning in the late 20th century reacting against the creavtive limitations of modernism and scientific objectivity
precision the degree to which several mesurments or calculations show the same or similar results
primary source information that is original and has not been summarized or reported by someone other than the person or group responsible for the information
problem solving ` the process of understanding a problem devising a plan carried out the plan and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan to solve a problem or meeting a need or want
product in commerce the term refers to all goods and service that are bought or sold. products are designed to satisfy human wants and needs.in rental,a product is usually refered to as merchandise.
profit in economics profit is the difference between the company total revenue which includes all sources of income such as the sale of products and total cost
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