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Heiny-IED column 3

column 3

closed question a question that has only one correct answer
criteria principles or standards by which something may be judged or decided
current a measure flow rate of charge. charge is measured in coulombs and a typical flow rate is coulombus per second or abbreviated C/s . another name for C/s is an empere often abbreviated amp or a letter A
density a materials mass divided by its volume, nominally constant.
design an iterative or repeating decision - making process that results in a plan to produce a new product
design brief a written plan that identifies a problem to be solved and its criteria and constraints. a design brief encourages thinking of all aspects of the problem before attempting a solution
design process a systemic and often iterative problem-solving strategy with criteria and constraints used to develop many possible solutions to solve a problem or satisfy human needs and wants and to narrow down the possible solutions
design proposal a written document or set of documents that clearly specifies how to fabricate a model, prototype, or final design
die term used for a variety of tools used in production to create a 3-D form
direct current (DC) electricity that flows in only one direction and varies very little with time
documentation 1)documents required for something or that gives evidence or proof of something 2) drawings or printed information that contains instructions for assembling installing operating and servicing
durable and nondurable goods a designation established by the U.S. Department of Commerce to describe the length of time as product is intended to be useful.Durable goods are those that are intended to last more than three years whereas nondurable goods are designed to be useful 3yrs
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