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Heiny-IED column 10

column 10

secondary source information that has been pervoiously pubished usually by soeone else
sequential forming or follwing loigical order or sequence
series cicuit a curcuit that has only one path for the current to flow components connected in such a manner are often refered as "in series"
sketching creating a rough drawing representing the main features of an object or seen often as prelimanary study
standard industry materials Raw materials that have been processed into standard size shape or composition to be useed in production of products such as dimensional lumber plywood paper cloth and so on
standardization a process of establishing a technical consenuos agreement that provides a common sence of expectations for quality or compatibility of a material or product without creating an unfair competative advantage in the marketplace
structure the structure is a body that supports a load and resists external forces withouth changing a shape except that due to elasticity of the materials used in construction
substainable desing also known as green design the process of producing products systems or environmental that are environmentally friendly because they reduce the use of nonrenewable and minimize any negative impact on the environment
synergy result when the unit or team becomes stronger than the sun of the individual members
target population a group of individuals for which a design is being made or targeted. The target populations are usually described in the terms of gender and age but may also include characteristics such as income left handedness or physical disability
team a group with a common purpose that archives a specific goal using each individual skills and mutual cooperatiion to produce the end product
teardown the process of taking apart a product to better understand it
technical drawings drawings needed to actually to actually produce the component or system
technology the human process of aplying knowledge through innovation to satisfy our needs and wants by extending our capabilities and modifing
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