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Pershing Cell Cycle

What is cytokinesis? division of cytoplasm
During which phase are the chromosomes copied? interphase
During which phase to the chromosomes align at the cell's equator? metaphase
What kind of plant has both male and female reproductive parts? self-pollinating
What structure are the DNA of cells organized into? chromosomes
What is the next generation called? offspring
During which phase are the chromatids separated a start to move to the opposite sides of the cell? anaphase
Who is the Australian monk that performed experiments with garden peas? Gregor Mendel
What is the passing of traits from parent to offspring called? heredity
What is probability? the chance that something will happen
What happens in true breeding? all the offspring look exactly like the parent
If 3 flowers are gray and 1 is white...what is the ratio? 3:1
What is phenotype? how an organism looks
What is genotype? the entire genetic makeup of an organism
What is a dominant trait? the trait that shows up in the first generation
What is a recessive trait? a trait that disappears in the first generation and reappears in the second generation
What is genotype? the entire make-up of an organism
What is a Punnett square? a way to organize and predict possible offspring combinations
How did Mendal make sure that his plants could not self-pollinate? he removed their male reproductive parts
What is it called when a plant has 2 dominant or 2 recessive alleles? homozygous
How did Mendal show relationships and patterns between generations? using ratios
What is an allele? a different form of a gene that decides a characteristic
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