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science test

greenhouse effect

What do 2 plastic spheres represent? mini greenhouses
What does the lamp bulb represent? the sun
what type of energy does the 60 watt bulb produce? short waves
what instrument is taped to the inside of each sphere? thermometer
what was the problem to solve? does the earth warm up faster without light
what was the variable in the experiment the amount of light
what was the control procedure in the experiment? the sphere without the light - nothing to vary
What was the experimental procedure? adjust the amount of light
What does the term controlled conditions refer to? the conditions that were thought about and controlled
How to control time? same clock and same intervals
How to control plastic spheres same size and same materials
how to control lighting same distance and same size bulb
how to control temperature readings same brand, same reader and same scale
how to control amount of short wave infrared size of bulb and distance to the greenhouse
how to control instrument error use the same instrument
What other factors were controlled? classroom, lighting, room temperature
What did you do to prepare the temperature readings before showing them on your graph? find the averages for the control and experimental procedure
What is a clear title for the graph? Comparing Greenhouse Experiments
What was the source of information used on your data sheet? G block science 2013
What numbers did you put on the x-axis (cause) time (2, 4, 6, ...)
What numbers did you put on the y-axis (effect) temp in celsius (9, 12, 15, ...)
Describe what happen in the control procedure greenhouse after 20 minutes/? the temperature basically didn't change (only a couple of degrees)
Describe what happened in the experimental procedure greenhouse after 20 minutes? The temperature raised a lot
summarize what happens inside of a greenhouse when sunlight shines on it. The inside of the greenhouse heats up by short waves The short waves bounce off the objects and give off long waves. The long waves are trapped causing the greenhouse to warm up.
What does the term greenhouse effect refer to It is a house for plants that traps heat and humidity
what does the term global warming refer to When the atmosphere and earth's heat increase that effects changes to the climate that may result in a greenhouse effect. (the earth is warming up faster than it is supposed to)
Scientists believe that the earth has always been warmed by the sun and the Earth has always been acting like a greenhouse. Why are scientists worried about current global warming? Everything is heating up which makes ice melt and floods happen
Created by: jbd1