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Nursing Roles 1210

Test #3 review

What does a child exposed to vista fuerte experience? Diarrhea
What is the first step to becoming a culturally sensitive nurse? Conducting a cultural self assessment
What is ethnocentrism? The belief that one's own ethic group, culture, or nation is best.
What is stereotyping? Defined as assigning certain beliefs and behaviors to groups without recognizing individuality.
What is cultural accommodation? Involves making adjustments or adaptations for beliefs of others.
What is empathy? Mentally identifying with a person's situation or character
In the African-American culture who plays a key role in health care decisions? Women, especially "Granny"
In Asian cultures who most often makes decision? Males
True or false: In the Asian culture it is important for an individual to agree with those in authority and to appear compliant even if there is no intention of complying. True
Who are identified as marginalized populations? Recently arrived immigrants
What is cultural competence? Becoming knowledgeable about the values, beliefs, and health care practices of the culturally diverse groups that are dominant in the nurse's practice area.
In the Southeast Asian culture why do they touch a burning cigarette or piece of cotton to the skin, usually the abdomen? This is done to compensate for "heat" lost through diarrhea.
What do Asian American consume to prevent osteoporosis? Pork bones and shells which are rich in calcium
What is filtration? The unconscious exclusion of extraneous stimuli in communication.
What is blocking? Occurs when the nurse responds with noncommital or generalized answers.
What is false assurance? Showing a lack of concern or a lack of knowledge by responding with meaningless answers such as "don't worry."
What facilitates open communication? Asking a question which requires mores than a yes or no answer.
What is communication? A process that requires a sender, receiver and a message.
What is effective communication? A dynamic process: with a response(feedback), the sender becomes the receiver and the receiver becomes the sender and the message changes.
What is a preconceived idea? Conceptions, opinions, or thoughts that the receiver has developed before having an encounter.
What is interpretation? The individual's analysis of communication that is based on context and environment, precipitating event, preconceived idea, personal perception, style of transmission and past experiences
What is context? Refers to the entire situation that is relevant to the communication.
What is a precipitating event? Refers specifically to the event or the situation that prompted a particular communication.
What is an appeal to common practice? Occurs when the argument is made that something is okay because most people do it.
What is ad hominem abusive? An argument that attacks the person instead of the issue.
What is an appeal to emotion? An attempt to manipulate other people's emotions for the purpose of avoiding the real issue.
What is an appeal to tradition? The argument that doing things a particular way is best because they've always been done that way.
What is a red herring? The introduction of an irrelevant topic for the purpose of diverting attention away from the real issue.
What is a straw man? Occurs when a person's position on a topic is misrepresented.
What is a slippery slope? The belief that one event will inevitably follow another without any real support for that belief.
What constitutes confusing cause and effect? When one assumes that one event must cause another just because the two events often occur together.
What is assertive communication? An overall communication style in which the person displays the presence of positive declaration and persistently demonstrates confidence.
What is passive communication? A form of communication in which the individual fails to say what is meant.
What is the time orientation in the Asian culture? Time is viewed as being more flexible than in the Western culture; being on time for appointments is not seen as a priority.
What is susto? An emotion-based illness common among Mexican. An unexpected fall, a barking dog, or a car accident could cause susto.
What is empacho? A disease that can affect children or adults caused by food particles becoming lodged in the intestinal tract.
What is bilis? A disease brought on by anger. It primarily affects adults and is commonly occurs a day or two after a fit of rage.
What is mal ojo? Associated with the "evil eye." which causes fever, diarrhea and restlessness.
What are the six leading causes of death among minorities? Cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke, chemical dependency, diabetes, homicides/accidents, and infant mortality.
What is the extreme negative manifestation of prejudice? Hate in its many violent and nonviolent forms
Created by: judypilcher