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micturiation urination, void, made water
elimination urination, diarrhea, bowel movement
urine per hour 30-50ml
wicking when something gets wet and moisture draws in microorganisms.
mask can only be wore for an 1 or until it becomes moist
what do you do if your trying to protect the patient from getting anything. put on a mask
backrub only at night to provide relaxation not for circulation
bath time prime time for assessment and ROM
a bed bath can be what complete or partial
how do you bath a patient distal to proximal to increase venous return
peri care front to back
smegma cottage cheese on genital area of females and males. will come off with soap or water
sordes flat cottage cheese in the mouth. don't try to pull it off.
peri care for female groin, labia majora, labia minora. meatus, catheter if present, anal area
peri care for male groin, meatus, catheter if present, glands, shaft, scrotum, back of scrotum, anal area
denture care rock back and forth, brush at 45 degree angle
unconscious patient oral care put patient on side, use yankaur
yankaur suction tube
all 4 side rails consider restrain
I & O 24 hrs, assessment of patient fluid and electrolyte balance
intake liquid taking orally, by feeding tube, parenterally
output urine, diarrhea, vomit, gastric suction, drainage from surgical tubes/site
amount of fluid intake 1500 ml/day
weighing diapers 1g = 1ml
measurement 30cc=1oz, 1cc=1ml, 5cc=1tsp
chain of infection agent or pathogen, reservoir or source for pathogen, portal of exit for pathogen, mode of transmission, portal for entry for pathogen, host.
asepsis absence of pathogenic microorganisms
types of asepsis medical or surgical
medical asepsis clean technique, procedures to reduce the number of organisms.
surgical asepsis sterile technique, procedures to eliminate all microorganisms
hand washing washing hands with plain soap and water
antiseptic hand wash washing hand with water, soap, and antiseptic agent
personal protective equipment gowns, masks, gloves, and eyewears
airborne precaution respiratory, mask, measles, chickenpox, pulmonary or laryngeal TB, negative airflow of at least 6 air exchanges per hour
droplet precaution mask, scarlet fever, pneumonia, streptococcal pharyngitis, pertussis, mumps, meningococcal
contact precaution gloves and gown, colonization or infection with multiple drug-resistant organisms, respiratory syncytial virus, major wound infection, herpes, scabies
supine position lying flat on the bed, for IV, injection, sleeping
prone position lying flat on the stomach, backrub, dental surgery
side-lying position sleeping of the side, rest, pressure of the lower back
sims position sleeping on the side with legs by the stomach, pregnancy, enemas, rectal temp, assessment of anal area
fowlers position at 45 degree, semi below 45, high above 45, sleep, eat, breathing
orthopneic position fowler position with hand and head on a table, respiratory problem
dorsal recumbent position flat with knee up, range of motion, foley, sleep
lithotomy position on edge of the table with feet on stands, having babies, pepsmear
trendelenburg position reverse head is up feet are down, modified feet are up head is down, shock, release intracranial pressure, edema, HTN
trocanter roll to prevent external rotation and planter flexion
hand roll prevent contractures
cleansing baths bed , tub, sponge, shower, prepackaged disposable bath
therapeutic baths sitz: to reduces pain and inflammation and medicated: scabies, aids in relief skin irritation
ulcer stages stage 1: redness of the skin goes away in days, stage 2: redness and break down of the skin, stage 3: muscle lost, stage 4: when it get to bones
teeth are organ of what chewing and mastication
aspiration choking on water or other stuff while unconscious also causes pneumonia
pediculosis capitis head lice
athlete's foot tinea pedis
anthrapometrics measure of height, weight, head, arm, muscle circumferences, and skin fold thickness.
contractures patient draws up all the way to fetal position.
sherring rubbing against the sheets
ted hose blood cloth, no wrinkles
cradel for burn or wound patient
stool feces
vomit emesis
mechanical/hayer lift to lift and transfer patient from bed to where ever.
fall ease patient to floor
ambulating use half a step behind patient, walking device with weak leg then strong leg
cane/walker alway on strong side, 6 in away from feet, the elbow needs to be 45 degree for size of the cane, waist line for size of walker
crutches 2-3 finger away from axillary
how do you check for placement & patency aspirate the gastric juice, check for PH
gravity is use for what feeding
enteral feeding flush with 30cc of water before and after feeding, head of bed elevated for 30 mins after feeding
care of G-tube wash it with soap and water
gavage going in
lavage coming out
TPA total parental nutrition, must go to large vein, always give fats, not together
levine tube measurement marks on tube
PEG tube into the stomach
PEJ tube into the jejunum
gastric rupture pops like a ballon because of air or liquid
sterilize autoclay, heat, UV light, sporicidal chemical (for plastic only) ultrasound, gas, radiation
autoclay paper good for 3-6 month if think if not only for month
fenestrated drape it has a hole in the middle
growth of bacteria it grows 1 in in an hour
liping rinse the edge of previous opened solution with liquid
dehiscence when the wound opens up
approximated the edges are close together
eviseration when organ prutuse through the opening.
hydrocolloids pressure ulcer
rubra color infection
black color necrosis
masarated wound wound that is not dry
statis ulcer blood is not circulated and the cell dies
open drainage pinrose
close drainage hemavag, J-Vag, Jackson pret
catheter indwelling, foley, straight, intermitten, robinson
male catheter 6-9 in
female catheter 2-3 in
latex catheter 2-4 weeks
PVC catheter 4-6 weeks
silicon catheter 2-3 months
most common size of ballon 5-10 cc
most common size of catheter 14-16
another name for external condom catheter texas special
urameter to measure small amount
types of restraints wrist, mitten, ankle, belt, diaper, vest
order of restraints get it with in one hrs of restraints, renew every 24 hrs, check it every 15 min, take it off every 2 hrs and do ROM
types of mobility active: when patient does everything, passive: when nurse does everything, and active-passive: when patient does it with help of nurse
ROM times should be done 3-5 time
flexion downward from body alignment, use for head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, hip, ankle, and toes
extension bring it out from body alignment, use for head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, and hips
hyperextension above from body alignment, use for head, wrist, finger and toes
lateral flexion moving from side to side, use for head
lateral rotation turning in circular movement, use for head
adduction moving it toward the body, use for shoulder, finger, hip, and toes
abduction moving away from the body, use for shoulder, finger, hip, and toes
horizontal adduction adding to horizontal, use for shoulder, and hip
internal rotation rolling inward, use for shoulder, elbow, and wrist
external rotation rolling outward, use for shoulder, elbow, and wrist
supination palm up, use for elbow
pronation palm down, use for elbow
radial deviation bend wrist toward pinky finger, use for wrist
ulna deviation bend wrist toward thumb, use for wrist
circumduction moving in full circle, use for wrist, finger, ankle, and toes
dorso flexion above form body alignment, use for ankle
planter flexion downward, foot drop, use for ankle
inversion turn ankle toward the other ankle, use for ankle
enversion turn ankle away from the other ankle,use for ankle
opposition touch thumb to each finger, use for fingers
prostheses artificial sensory devices, contact lenses, hearing aids, and artificial eyes
enucleation complete surgical removal of the eyeball
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