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Definitions part 2

Hypothesis an educated guess to a scientific question.
Examine to inspect or study
Slope a slanted surface; a surface that is not flat or level.
Orbit the path that one object takes as it goes around another object.
Recycling to use a material or substance again, usually in another form or way.
Revolution the complete trip a planet makes around the sun.
365.25 days How long it takes the Earth to make 1 trip around the sun.
Deposition the process by which eroded materials settle in another place.
Review to go back over
Core Center of the Earth
Natural Gas A nonrenewable resource that is found under ground, used as fuel and is a burnable gas
Sediment tiny bits of rock, shell, soil, or sand
Glacier a slab of ice that moves slowly over the land.
Solar Energy Energy from the sun
Mass the amount of matter in an object
Moon a natural object that orbits a planet
Sun A star around which the Earth and other planets in our solar system revolve
Produce make
oxygen gas that an animal breaths in
carbon dioxide gas taht an animal breaths out
increase gain
decrease lose
advantage good for
reflect bounce
refract bend
humid wet air
arid dry
texture how smooth or rough something is
scatter go in all directions
represent stand for
remove take away
related the same
except all but
Created by: vcendris