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Definitions Part 1

force that pulls all objects in the universe towards each other. Gravity
Low area between hills and mountains where a river often flows. Valley
Very heavy flow or overflow of water over land. Flood
experiment or activity that is conducted to answer a question Investigation
A Long period of extremely low amounts of rainfall. Drought
Something built by people. Structure
Carbon Cycle continuous movement of Carbron Dioxide between organisms and the atmosphere.
Implement to do; to carry out
Analyze to carefully examine in detail.
to judge or determine Evaluate
Outer layer of Earth that is made up of solid rock Crust
Recycle to use a material or substance again, usually in another form or way.
Erosion movement of Earth materials by water, wind, and ice
Hot Plate a tool used to heat materials or objects.
Nonrenewable resources that formed from the remains of decayed plants and animals millions of years ago. Fossil Fuels
the interpretation of the data Results
gradual slow
aquire get
absorb soak up
living thing organism
offspring children
mass amount of matter in an object
sequence; something that happens process
same identical
herbivore animal that eats only plants
carnivore animal that eats only other animals
Created by: vcendris