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Science SOL review

SOL Review ***Good****

A plate boundary where the plates are moving apart <-- --> is a ______________ boundary. DIVERGENT
A plate boundary where the plates are COMING TOGETHER --> <-- is a __________________ boundary CONVERGENT
A plate boundary where the plates are SLIDING PAST one another is a ________________ boundary. Transform
Salt, water, and carbon dioxide are all: compounds
My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nachos helps us remember the order of the ________________. planets
In addition to absorbing water and nutrients, the plants roots also help by helping to ___________ the plant to the ground. anchor
The flower helps the plant reproduce by producing a : seed
Does electricity flow through an open or closed circuit? closed
Which group of organisms breaks down dead organisms and recycles their nutrients back into the environment decomposers
Direction and speed describe an objects: MOTION
Lightening is a form of ____________________ electricity Static
Which GAS is used by plants in the process of photosynthesis carbon dioxide
Which planet is the biggest Jupiter
Which planet is the smallest Mercury
When a tree drops its leaves in the fall, it is: dormant
Who came up with the modern idea that the sun was the center of the solar system Galileo
If you can see through an object, but not clearly that object is: translucent
The __________ of the earth on it's axis is responsible for the seasons. tilt
In summer, the earth is titled _____________ the sun.. toward
In winter, the earth is titlted __________ from the sun.: away
Which color of light has the shortest wavelenght, red or violet? Violet
Does a mirror "bend", "bounce", or "scatter" light waves? bounce
What do water and salt have in common? compounds
What do hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon have in common elements
Which states of matter both have definite volumes? solid and liquid
Which state of matter maintains its shape solid
Which state of matter has no definite shape and no definite volunme? gas
What do vertebrates have that invertebrates do not? backbone
Moss is a _____________________ plant non-vascular
What two things do you need to measure speed? ruler and stopwatch
A household items that is very rough and creates a lot of FRICTION sandpaper
Moving gears like bicycles, escalators, and conveyor belts are examples of: mechanical energy
Things that are good conductors are made of: metals
Things that are good insulators are made of: glass, rubber, wood
During photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide
During photosynthesis, plants release oxygen
What happens to the molecules of matter when you heat them? They move faster and spread apart
Name a behavioral adaptation? birds flying south, bears hibernating, termites building huge nests
In a food chain, where is MOST of the energy stored? producers
Bacteria are: decomposers
What measures air pressure? barometer
What phase of the moon happens when the moon is between the sun and earth? new moon
Why is coal an important Virginia resources? we burn it to create electricity
What did Galileo prove with his telescope? the SUN was the center of the solar system
In a rock layer, which fossils are the oldest the ones on bottom
In a rock layer, which fossils are the youngest the ones on the top
When two of earths plates are sliding by each other, what happens? earthquakes
If you combine salt and water, what do you create? solution
If you combine salt and pepper, what do you create? mixture
What plant part makes fruit the flower
As a butterfly changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly, what changes other than the way it looks. its habitat
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123