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Mus Rock Final

Rock n Roll History

What was the rap rivalry? SoCal vs NY. Death Row Records vs Bad Boy. Snoop Dogg vs B.I.G.
What was Uncle Tupelo? A pair of friends formed an indie-rock band. It was called "alt-country"
Who was on the new mickey mouse club? JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears, Christina
What happened with Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster? Pearl Jam battled with ticketmaster because they didn't want tickets to be sold over $20 since it made it hard for some fans to come to concerts.
What were 3 tech innovations of the 80s? CDs, MIDI cables, walkman
Describe CBGB. It was a punk club on TV.
What was the big album? Peter Frampton's album sold million of copies.
What is the hippie aesthetic? The artist creates sophisticated music. The songs should be able to stand up to repeated listening and lyrics should deal with important issues.
What are the categories of royalties? Mechanical, performance, print, artist, and synchronization.
Define Haight Ashburry. A victorian neighborhood in San Francisco that became the center of hippies and the psychedelic scene.
What is napster? Peer to peer and online sharing. $millions lost in revenue. It was a copyright violation. They paid a settlement of $26 million.
what is hip hop? Hip Hop is a culture that originated in the NY urban black neighborhoods. Break dancing, rap, and graffiti are all important components of this culture.
What style of music was Jamaican and had bob marley? Reggae
What was the special electronic drum the Professor Horn played? Syndrum
Who wrote Whole Lotta Love? Led Zeppelin, 69, compound AABA
Who wrote Whipping Post? The Allman Brothers Band, 69, contrasting verse-chorus
Who wrote Thank you Fallinme Be Mice Elf Agin? Sly and the Family Stone, 70, Simple verse-chorus
Who wrote Papa Was A Rolling Stone? The Temptations, 72, simple verse-chorus
Who wrote All I Wanna Do? Sheryl Crow 94, simple verse-chorus
What kind of music was highly aggressive and non-conformist? Punk music
What was Woodstock? Large outdoor music festival. 3 days and 500,000 hippies
What was glam rock? The artists had their own different personage when performing.
What was Motown? A label founded by Barry Gordy and modeled after the Brill Building. It was black music for white listeners.
What role did the synthesizer play in progressive rock? All of the bands in this genre made use of the Moog synthesizer.
What were acid tests in the psychedelic era? Kesey celebrated the liberating effects of LSD. He organized events where people took the drug in climactic environments.
Who was the Canadian singer that wrote Big Yellow Taxi? Joni Mitchell.
What was FM radio oriented rock? In the 70s, the older siblings tended to listen to FM. Artists began writing songs that were formatted specifically for the radio.
Created by: rciskewl
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