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Blood/Lymph MS


3 tests that are used to determine anemia Hematocrit, hemoglobin, RBC
Anemia defined by lack of intrinsic factor Pernicious
Intrinsic factor is needed to produce what vitamin? B12
B12 helps to synthesize______. DNA (needed to produce hemoglobin)
What volume of blood loss is critical? >1000ml
What blood product would be used for blood loss in elderly? PRBC's
What mineral is imperative to the making of hemoglobin? Iron
Who is at risk for iron deficiency? Menstruating women, pregnant women, children and elderly
What might cause Iron deficiency in other populations? Poor intake, poor absorption (Crohn's, Celiac)
What foods are good sources of iron? Red meat, egg yolks, dark leafy veggies, liver, clams, mussels, oysters, turkey
Side effects of iron supplements Constipation, black/green stool, stomach irritation.
How should iron be taken? With OJ, between meals
What clotting factor is associated with Hemophilia type A? Factor VIII
S/S of type A hemophilia Nose bleeds, petechiae, ecchymosis, bloody urine, bleeding gums, prolonged periods and wound bleeding
What is aplastic anemia? Disease of bone marrow, low levels of all blood cells
What is the condition called associated with suppression of all blood cells? Pancytopenia
What might be risks associated with aplastic anemia? Hypoxia, infection, bleeding
How is aplastic anemia Dx? Bone marrow biopsy
What might cause aplastic anemia? Chemicals, drugs, radiation,infection, heredity, autoimmune
What population is most susceptible to development of sickle cell anemia? African decent, recessive gene
Sickle cell crisis most often caused by what? Increased demand for O2 (vigorous activity)
What is one of the main symptoms of sickle cell crisis? Abdominal pain
What causes the pain associated with sickle cell? Sickled cells obstruct blood flow to organs, damages capillaries
What symptoms that are not associated witgh other types of anemia are associated with pernicious anemia? Neurological symptoms
What test is used to Dx pernicious anemia? Schilling test
What is a manual diff? Manual count of all the different WBC's. Neutrophils most common!
What is main risk associated with agranulocytosis? Infection
When is agranulocytosis critical? 10% or less of neutrophils
What happens to neutrophil count normally when body has infection? Increases
What is DIC? Disseminated intravascular coagulation - depletion of platelets due to small clots forming throughout body
What is multiple myeloma? Cancer of plasma cells
S/S of multiple myeloma Increase Ca+, renal failure, fatigue, chronic Fx's
How would hypercalcemia be treated? Lots of IVF
What is leukemia? Cancer of blood cells.
What are the typical lab values associated with acute leukemia Very high WBC, low platelets and RBC's
What is polycythemia? Too many RBC's. Disorder of Bone Marrow. High H&H and viscocity.
What is treatment for polycythemia? Therapeutic phlebotomy
What abnormal cells are associated with Hodgkin's lymphoma? Reed-Sternberg cells
What is Hodgkin's lymphoma? Cancer of lymphatic system. Abnormal cells aren't useful and accumulate forming tumors.
How is Hodgkin's Dx? Bone marrow aspiration or biopsy
What are S/S of Hodgkin's? Swollen nodes, sensitivity to alcohol, severe itching, weight loss, fever, night sweats, SOB
What are treatments for Hodgkin's? Radiation, chemo, stem cell transplant
How curable is Hodgkin's 80-90%
Created by: shocklori