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Gilman Bird/Mammals

Gilman Birds/Mammals

How big is a newborn kangaroo? the size of a bumblebee
What does a koala eat? eucalyptus leaves
Which 'toothless' animal really has no teeth? anteater
Why do birds have air sacs? to keep a constant supply of air
What gland provides milk for the young? mammary
How do animals that live in the cold oceans stay warm? blubber
What muscle helps bring air into a mammal's lungs? diaphragm
What is the purpose of a camel's hump? it is stored fat for when there is not a lot of food
What is the large breastbone that holds a bird's flight muscles? keel
What is the only North American marsupial? opossum
To what group does an ostrich belong to? flightless birds
What stays constant in endotherms? body temperature
Why does a bird need a light skeleton, rapid beating heart and strong flight muscles? so it can fly
What group does the platypus belong to? monotremes
What does a bird's gizzard do? grinds up food
What is special about marsupial's birth? they continue to grow in their mother's pouch
What characteristics do primates have? opposable thumbs, forward facing eyes and large brains
What characteristics to birds of prey have? good night vision, sharp claws, curved beak
What organ attaches the placenta to the young? uterus
What is the largest group of birds? songbirds
monotreme or marsupial...
Which group of birds do not have a large keel and have learned to run fast or swim? flightless birds
monotreme or marsupial...opossum marsupial
What group of birds have sharp claws, eat other vertebrates, and sharp beak? birds of prey
monotreme or marsupial...platypus monotreme
monotreme or marsupial...koala marsupial
What group of birds have webbed feet and find food in water or on land? water birds
monotreme or marsupial...wallaby marsupial
Which group of birds have special features for resting on branches? perching birds
monotreme or marsupial...echidna montreme
member of toothless mammals armadillo
is a rodent guinea pig
is a member of the carnivors hyena
is an insectivor shrew
is a member of the trunk nosed mammals Indian elephant
is a flying mammal bat
is a member of the hoofed mammals hippopotamus
is a member of the primates Mr. Gilman
is a member of the cetacean humpback whale
is related to manatees and dugongs sea cow
Created by: ellist