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Our solar system... contains large amounts of oxygen
True or False: Our atmosphere has changed over geologic time. True
What did Earth's earliest atmosphere contain? It contained helium and hydrogen, that floated around because earth's gravity wasn't strong enough to hold gasses.
What was the Earth's atmosphere composed of, after the moon was create? After the moon formed the atmosphere contained mainly carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water vapor
Photosynthesis changed the atmosphere, how? It added more oxygen
After photosynthesis emerged what happened? Photosynthesis made life for animals possible
Truee or False: Vegitation areas absorb less heat than noon-veggitaion areas. False: Vegitation areas abosorb more than non-vegitation areas
What do Volcanic eruptions do? When the ash blocks out the sun, it decreases global temeperatures.
Waht are goo insulators to trp heat in the globe? Water vapor, carbon dioxide and clouds
What is the atmosphere currently composed of? The Earth’s current atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% trace gases.
Humans have done... This composition can change because of human activity. We have added carbon dioxide to the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. Man made chemicals (CFC) have reduced the amount of ozone in the upper atmosphere
Created by: Call_Mee_Ian