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The notes on Weather

What cause weather? Weather is caused byt the Transfer of energy or heat through the Earth's atmosphere
True of False: Weather is predictable, but climate is not. False: Both are predictable
What are weather and climate? Weather decribes the current state f the atmosphere or day to day changes om atmospheric conditions. Climate describes the typical (average) weather patterns of certain locations over a period of time
What 4 facotrs affect climate? The 4 major facotrs that affect climate are attitude, elevation, proximity to oceans, abd position relative to mountains.
What are 3 major Climate zones? The three major climatic zones are tropical (0 to 30 degrees), temperate (30 to 60 degrees) and polar (60 to 90 degrees
What is the Jet Stream The jet stream is a fast moving river of wind that is found at the top of the troposphere or at the bottom of the stratosphere. Low pressure systems ride on the jet stream
How are convection currenst created? The atmosphere is warmed by convection. Warm, less dense air rises and warms the air around it. It cools and sinks to be warmed again. A convection current forms.
What do Global wind patterns do? Global wind patterns move warm air from the equator to the poles and cold air from the poles to the equator in an attempt to equalize temperature. Such as ocean currents do.
What is a tornado? A tornado is a narrow, violent, funnel-shaped column of spiral winds that extend downward from a cloud toward the earth
Waht is a hurricane? A hurricane is a tropical cyclone (rotates counterclockwise and is an intense low pressure system) with sustained winds above 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph) or greater
What does a barometer measure? It measures air pressure
Waht does a thermometer measure? It measures temperature
What are 4 cloud types? Cirrus, Cumulus, Cumulonimbus, and Stratus
What is a psychrometers? It is a tool that easures air humidity
Created by: Call_Mee_Ian