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Oceanography Notes

The Notes on the study of Oceans

Oceans are... an important source of food and mineral resources, as well as a source of human recreation
True or False: Oceans are finite and should be handled with care True
What do coral reefs do? They act as a home for many of the world's fish
What type of water is in the Chesapeake Bay? It is a combination of fresh and saltwater. Differenr salinity rates are at different parts. this cause high Biological activty
True or False: Run-off brings samll of sediments that doesn't effect Sun Clarity False: RUn-off may bring large amounts of sediments through the waterhsed and into the ocean. Over time this can cause sedimentation causing coral reefs to be destroyed forever
Are cultures dependent on food through the ocean? Yes, many cultures are.
What can run-off polltuion cause? Human run-off can cause increase in algae populations that die out quickly, consuming large amounts of oxygen in the water, causing mass deaths of fish species
Whatr will decrease in fish populations cause? Any decrease in in plant and fish poputions will greatly affect all animals, especially the veterbrates above the, in the food web
What do currents do? Currents There are large current systems in the oceans. They distribute heat by carrying warm water to the poles and cold water to the equator.
What does upwelling cause? Uwelling brings cold nutrient rich water to the surface and areas of high biological activities will develop
What happends to the ocean temperature during fall and winter? As the land becomes colder during the fall and winter. Ocean waters stay warm. This causes Low pressure systems to form over the warmer oceans and cause increased chances of snow
HOw are most waves generated? By the wind
Created by: Call_Mee_Ian