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Skeletons and Bones

________ are made up of many bones? Skeletons
_________ are hard and give your body shape? Bones
_________ is made up of 206 bones? Your skeleton
There are______bones just in your two hands and arms? 64
Some of your bones are_____? big and others are small
________is softer than bone and it bends? Cartilage
Your ______ and _______ are made of cartilage? ears and nose
Sometimes bones get broken. Doctors use _________ to see the bone under the skin? X-rays
_________ start to grow before you are ever born? Bones
Your_________will stop growing by the time you are ______? bones and 25
The smallest bone in the body is called the ______? Stirrup
_______meet at the joints? Bones
Without joints your skeleton could not move or bend. _______, _____ and _____ are joints? Shoulders, elbows and ankles
There are _____joints in your skeleton? 200
Bones are held at the joints by_________? ligaments
_______are like strong pieces of string? Ligaments
The bones in your spine are called____? vertebrae
There are ____bones that fit together at ____ joints? 34 and 33
_____helps make red blood cells? Bone marrow
The _____is the bone that protects your brain? skull
The ____protects your heart, lungs and liver? rib cage
The most important time for building bones is in _____? childhood
If you build healthly bones when you are young. You are less likely to have problems when you are____? old
What are 2 ways to take care of your skeleton? Good nutrition and exercise
It is important to eat foods rich in____and ____? calcium and vitamin D
What are some foods that have calcium? milk, orange juice, dairy products, green vegetables and sardines
______is important because it makes your bones strong? Exercise
What activities are good exercise? walking and running
What are 3 things that can make your skeleton weak? not exercising, poor eating habits and smoking.
Created by: talayah