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Stage 26 Test

what indicator is "isse" as in portavisset? pluperfect subjunctive
Translate the following: portabat portaret portaverat portavisset Portabat-he was carrying Portaret-he was carrying Portaverat-he had carried Portavisset- he had carried
What type of verb are: portabat portaret portaverat portavisset Imperfect indicative Imperfect subjunctive Pluperfect indicative Pluperfect subjunctive
What participle tense indicator is "ns,nt?" present active
What are SCRAPPILES? perfect active
Who called Agricola back to Rome? Domitian
Who was his dead father? Lucius Julius Graecinus
Which province was Agricola born in? Forum Iulii (southeast Gaul)
Where did Agricola become governor? Britannia
What subject was Agricola's least favorite? math
When did Agricola first go to Britannia? In what ranking? A.D. 60; tribunus
What was so important about Agricola's tour of duty in Britain? He gained much knowledge of Britain
What did Agricola do well at Viroconium? What two honors did it earn him? be undiscipined and troublesome; promotion to the governship of Aquitania, and consul of Rome
What was Agricola's political status when h e returned to Rome for the third time? governor
What is an optio? A deputy who would take control of the century if the centurion was absent or lost in battle
What is a praefectus castrorum? commander of the camp
What is a tesseraius? Someone who organized the guards and distributed passwords
What is a signifer? standard-bearer
What is a cornicen? horn player
What is a vitis? A cane centurions used to discipline his soldiers
What is primi ordines? first rank
What is a legatus? officer commanding a legion
How many tribunes were in a legion? 6
Of the 6 tribunes, how many were tribunus laticlavius? 1
How abouut tribuni angusticlavii? 5
What's a tribunus laticlavius? senior tribune with a broad stripe; a man of noble birth
What's a tribuni angusticlavii? the tribunes with narrow stripes; usually of a lower class
What is equites? lower social class
Who was the primus pilus? The most senior centurion of a legion
What was the pay of a centurion per year? 1500 denarii
How many men were there in each century of the 1st legion? 160 men
How many centurions were in a century? 60 men
How many centuries were in each cohort from 2nd to 9th? 6 centuries
How many military tribunes are in a legion? 6
How many men were in centuries of the 2nd to 9th cohort? 80
Created by: sahil