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MAMC exam 9 prenatal care

TPAL system Term infants Preterm infants Aborted pregnancies Living children now
presumptive signs of pregnancy amenorrhea N/V breast changes urinary frequency fatigue quickening change in shape of ABD skin changes Chadwick's sign
probably signs of pregnancy Goodell's sign ABD enlargement Hegar's sign Braxton-Hicks Ballottement Fetal outline Pregnancy tests
3 positive signs of pregnancy FHR fetal movements visualization of fetus
average duration of a term pregnancy 40 weeks
Nagele's Rule ID first day of last normal period count backward 3 months add 7 days
define trimester 13 week part
objectives of prenatal care safe birth for mom & baby risk assessment health edu counseling social support psych support adequate antepartum care
initial prenatal visit obtain demographis data obtain obstetrical history complete past & present medical/surgical history physical exam
physiological changes during pregnancy rest/sleep activity/exercise employment planning bathing hot tubs/saunas douching clothing travel
common discomforts during pregnancy nausea round ligament pain urinary frequency backache constipation varicosities hemorrhoids heartburn nasal stuffiness & epistaxis dyspnea ankle edema
protein req. 25g/day
calcium req. 1000mg/day
iron req. 30mg/day
folic acid req. 0.6mg/day
fluid intake req. 8 glasses of fluid/day (mostly water)
psychological adaptions during first trimester focus on self uncertainty ambivalence
psychological adaptions during second trimester physical evidence of pregnancy fetus as primary focus narcissim & introversion body image changes in sexuality
psychological adaptions during thrid trimeser vulnerability increasing dependence preparation for birth
patients with special needs absence of a partner adolescents older couple
methods of prepared childbirth dick-read bradley lamaze
Created by: ealongo
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