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Where can Nurse Aid's work? Psychatric Facilities, LTC, Home Care, Homes For Aged, Rehab Center, Hospitals, and Clinics
What does LTC stand for? Long Term Care
What does Diagnostic mean? Identification of a medical condition or disease as determined by a physician A statement of what is wrong with a resident
What does Therapeutic mean? Pertains to treating, fixing, or correcting a medical or surgical problem
What does medical mean? Pertaining to the science of treatment that includes drugs, diet, excercise and other non-surgical means
What does Surgical mean? Pertains to the treatment of injury, deformity, and disease by manual and instrumental operations
What does Emergency mean? Sudden occurrence of a serious and urgent nature that demands immediate attention Life threatening
What is Urgent Care? When someone can wait a couple hours Not life threatening
What is Acute Care? Sudden Expected to heal or go away Short term
What is Chronic Care? Goes on forever No known cure, illness can be controlled Ex. Diabetes
What is Terminal Care? Expected to die No recovery Given Palliative care
What does Palliative Care mean? Patient/Resident is made comfotable Someone does everything for them, Hospice care
What are the services provided during LTC? Medical, Nursing, Nutritional, Recreational, and Rehabilitation
Created by: Fundamental SQ