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Maritime Baselines Demarcate internal and external waters.
Internal Waters All waters inside the Baseline.
Territorial Sea 12 nautical miles from the Baseline. State considered sovereign over territory. Must allow innocent passage.
Contiguous Zone 24 nautical miles from baseline. State may enforce in customs, taxation, immigration, and pollution.
Continental Shelf 200 nautical miles or end of shelf, whichever is greater, but not exceeding 350 nautical miles.
Exclusive Economic Zone Waters above the Continental Shelf. The coastal nation has sole exploitation rights over all natural resources.
High Seas parts of the sea not included in the other categories. Free to all states.
Deep Sea Bed A global commons, available to all.
Flags of Convenience Vessels that register under a flag other than their native country to avoid harsh regulations/costs.
Principles Regarding Comity and Fairness Nationality follows flag. Territorial jurisdiction > nationality > active personality > passive personality
UN LOSC Dispute Resolution Negotiation > Conciliation > Compulsory Settlements for adjudication or arbitration, via International Tribunal for LOTS, ICJ, Annex VII Arbital Tribunal, or Arbital Tribunal of Issue Area Experts.
Sustainable Development Development meeting today's needs while not compromising the needs of future generations.
UN Environmental Program UNEP A special intergov body that coordinates environmental initiatives and programs and develops standards.
UN Sustainable Development Commission concerned with integrating environmental and developmental objectives.
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