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joshie poos

absract Expressing a quality or idea without refrence to an actual person or thing that prossesses it.
capital in importance or influnce.
danchund a small hound with a long body, very short legs, and a long drooping eyes.
dangerous able or likly to injure.
delphinium a tal plant related to the buttercups and often grown for its large stalks of showy flowers.
dextrous mentally skillful and clever.
karat a unit fineness for gold.
kero-sene a thin oil obtainted from petroleum and used as a fuel and solvent.
lacerate to injure by tearing.
liturgical a rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship.
magisterial of relating to, or having the charistics of a master or techer.
nervure a vein in a leaf or in the wing of a insect.
nutmeg both a spice and a seed from a tree.
pyrimid a massive structer, that has a square base and four trangular faces meeting at a point.
refraction the bening of a ray when it passes slantwise from one medium into another in which its speed.
star being of outstanding exillence.
Created by: Joshie poo