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Gluteal O/I


Gluteus Maximus Origin: Posterior portion of ilium; post lower part of sacrum and coccyx, sacrotuberous ligament Insertion: Gluteal tubersoisty and ilitotibial tract of fascia lata
Gluteus Medius O: Outer surface and crest of ilium between posterior and anterior gluteal lines I: Lateral surface of greater trochanter of femur
Gluteus Minimus O: Outer surface of ilium between anterior and inferior gluteal lines I: Anterior Surface of greater trochanter of femur
Tensor Fasciae Latae O: Anterior portion of crest of ilium; anterior sup iliac spine I: Iliotibial tract of fascia lata
Piriformis O: Anterior Sacrum I: Greater Trochanter of fermur
Obturator Internus O: bony inner margin of obturator foramen and inner obturator membrane I: Greater Trochanter of fermur
Gemellus Superior O: Ischial Spine I: Greater trochanter of femur
Gemellus Inferior O: Ischial Tuberosity I: Greater trochanter of femur
Quadratus Femoris O: Ischial tuberosity I: lower posterior greater trochanter
Obturator Externus O: bony outer margin of obturator foramen and outer obturator membrane I: trochanteric fossa
Psoas Major O: All lumbar vertebrae, transverse processes and bodies I: Lesser trochanter of femur
Psoas Minor O: Bodies of last thoracic and first lumbar vertebrae I: Iliopubic eminence
Iliacus O: Iliac Fossa I: lesser trochanter of femur
Sartorius O: ASIS I: upper part of medial surface of tibia
Rectus Femoris O: AIIS; superior margin of acetabulum I: Tibial tuberosity ( by way of patella nd patellar ligament)
Vastus lateralis O: lateral lip of linea aspera; lower part of greater trochanter I: tibial tuberosity
Vastus Medialis O: Medial lip of linea aspera; interrochanteric line I: Tibial Tuberosity
Vastus Intermedius O: Anterior shaft of upper femur I: tibial tuberosity
Gracilis O: pubic bone; medial surface of body and inferior ramus I: Upper part of medial surface of tibia
Pectineus O: Pectin of pubis I: Upper part of posterior femur
Adductor Longus O: Pubic bone, between cres and symphysis I: Linea aspera
Adductor Brevis O: Inferior pubic ramus I: Upper part of posterior femur
Adductor Magnus O: Rami of pubis and ischium I: Linea aspera; adductor tubercle
Biceps Femoris a: Long head O: Ischial tuberosity I: Head of fibula; lateral condyle of tibia
Biceps Femoris b. short head O: Linea aspera of shaft of femur I: head of fibula; lateral condyle of tibia
Semitendinosus O: ischial tuberosity I: upper part of medial tibia
Semimembranosus O: Ischial Tuberosity I: Posterior Upper tibia; medial condyle
Tibialis Anterior O: Lateral Condyle and upper tibia; interosseous membrane I: Medial Surface of 1st cuneiform and 1st metatarsal
Extensor digitorum longus O: Lateral condyle of tibia; upper 3/4 anterior fibula; interosseous membrane I: dorsal suface, middle and distal phalanges of digits 2-5
Extensor Hallucis Longus O: Anteior middle fibula; interosseous membrane I; Dorsal surface, base of distal phalanx of hallux
Peroneous tertious O: lower third of medial fibula, interosseous membrane I: Base, fifth metatarsal
Peroneus Longus O: Head and upper 2/3 of lateral fibula I: Base of first metatarsal, first cuneiform
Peroneus Brevis O: Lower 2/3 of lateral fibula I: Base of fifth metatarsal
Gastrocnemius O: Medial and lateral condyles of femur I: Posterior Calcaneus via calcaneal tendon
Soleus O: Upper fibula; soleal line and middle 1/3 of tibia I: Posteior calcaneus via calcaneal tendon
Plantaris O: Posterior femur above lateral condyle I: Posterior calcaneus
Popliteus O: lateral condyle of femur I: Posterior tibia above soleal line
Flexor Hallucis Longus O: Lower 2/3 fibula; interosseous membrane I: Base of distal phalanx of hallux
Flexor digitorum longus O: Posterior tibia I: Base of distal phalanx of digits 2-5
Tibialis Posterior O: Posterior interosseous membrane; tibia and fibula I: Navicular, cuneiforms, cuboid, metatarsals 2-4
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