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Bio EOCT Domain III

Review of EOCT content for genetics

the branch of biology that studies heredity and the passing of traits from parents to offspring genetics
smaller subunits of nucleic acids nucleotide
three parts of a nucleotide sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen-carrying base
four bases found in DNA Adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine
Four bases found in RNA Adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil
shape of a DNA molecule double helix
Adenine bonds with this base in DNA thymine
Adenine bonds with this base in RNA uracil
Guanine bonds with this base cytosine
The sides of a DNA molecule are made from alternating __________ &_____________. sugars and phosphates
The steps or rungs of the DNA strands are made from the ____________ pairs. base
sugar in DNA deoxyribose
sugar in RNA ribose
three bases on the RNA molecule together that stand for one amino acid make up this codon
when DNA makes an exact copy of itself DNA replication
where DNA is found in a eukaryotic cell nucleus; coiled into chromosomes
number of strands in DNA 2
number of strands in RNA 1
Name the process when DNA is used as a template to make a strand of mRNA transcription
This molecule is copied from the code on DNA and moves from the nucleus to the cytoplasm mRNA
the function of this molecule is to carry amino acids to the ribosome for protein synthesis tRNA
the process of converting the information on the mRNA into a sequence of amino acids to make a protein translation
three bases on the tRNA molecule that must match with its complement on the mRNA molecule anticodon
gene that masks the expression (hides) of the other gene dominant
gene that is hidden by the other gene recessive
two alleles in a pair of genes are identical (RR) homozygous
two different alleles exist in a pair of genes (Rr) heterozygous
the pair of alleles for a trait in an individual genotype
the trait that is expressed in the individual phenotype
genetic crosses that involve one trait monohybrid
genetic crosees that involve two traits dihybrid
Mendel stated that gene pairs separate when gametes are formed in the law of ____________. segregation
Mendel stated that differents pairs of genes separate individually from each other when gametes are formed in the law of ___________. independent assortment
process by which sex cells or gametes are formed meiosis
male gametes sperm
female gametes egg or ovum
what happens to chromosome number during meiosis cut in half
type of cell (haploid or diploid) formed during meiosis haploid
type of cell (haploid or diploid) formed during mitosis diploid
what happens to chromosome number during mitosis stays the same
What is being separated during Anaphase I in meiosis? homologous chromosomes
What is being separated during Anaphase II in meiosis? sister chromatids
How many cells are being produced during mitosis? 2
How many cells are being produced during meiosis? 4
In a female, what are the products of meiosis? 1 ovum and 3 polar bodies
In a male, what are the products of meiosis? 4 sperm cells
symbol for diploid cells 2N
symbol for haploid cells N
what meiosis does to genetic variation increases it
two chromosomes over lap and exchange genetic information crossing over
change in genetic code or mistake in DNA sequence mutation
any substance or agent that causes changes in the genetic code mutagen
type of mutation when one base is replaced with another substitution
type of mutation when one base is removed deletion
type of mutation when one base is added insertion
deletion and insertion mutations are these types of mutations that changes the codon triplets following the mutation Frame-shift mutation
type of reproduction from one parent producing genetically identical cells asexual
type of reproduction requirng two parents and the production of gametes sexual
Sexual reproduction increases ___________ _______________. genetic variation
reinserting a correct gene to replace a damaged one gene therapy
forensics labs use DNA technology (gel electrophoresis) to do this identify people through DNA fingerprinting
agriculture uses DNA technology this way grow crops with desirable traits, make them disease, herbicide and frost resistant
DNA in an individual that has DNA inserted from a different organism into its genotype. recombinant DNA
an organism that has been changed by adding DNA from another source GMO genetically modified organism or transgenic organism
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