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Nursing Roles

Chapter 18

What is filtration? The unconscious exclusion of extraneous stimuli in communication.
What is blocking? Occurs when the nurse responds with noncommittal or generalized answers.
What is empathy? The ability to mentally place oneself in another person's situation to better understand the person and to share the emotions or feelings of that person.
What is false assurance? Showing a lack of concern or a lack of knowledge by responding with meaningless answers such as "don't worry."
What are preconceived ideas? Conceptions, opinions, or thoughts that the receiver has developed before having an encounter.
What is interpretation? The individual's analysis of communication that is based on context and environment, precipitating event, preconceived idea, personal perception, style of transmission, and past experiences.
What is context? The entire situation that is relevant to the communication.
What is precipitating event? Refers specifically to the event or the situation that prompted a particular communication.
What is personal perception? Awareness achieved through excitation of all the senses.
What is an appeal to common practice? This occurs when the argument is made that something is okay because most people do it.
What is ad hominem abusive? An argument that attacks the person instead of the issue.
What is an appeal to emotion? An attempt to manipulate other people's emotions for the purposeof avoiding the real issue.
What is an appeal to tradition? The argument that doing things a particular way because they've always been done that way.
What is hasty generalization? Involves coming to a conclusion on the basis of a very small number of examples.
What is confusing cause and effect? When he or she assumes that one event must cause another just because the two events often occur together.
What is a red herring? The introduction of an irrelevant topic for the purpose of diverting attention away from the real issue.
What is a straw man? Occurs when a person's position on a topic is misrepresented.
What is a slippery slope? The belief that one event will inevitably follow another without any real support for that belief.
What is passive communication? A form of communication in which the individual fails to say what is meant.
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