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Chompy/Baby Dinosaur

mccann 1.5

sentencesmissing word
I got to hold my ___ sister. baby
The clown was very ___! funny
How ___ more days until vacation? many
I lost ___ tooth! my
___ can't I stay up late? Why
The frog ate a big ___. fly
2-4-6-8 are ___ numbers. even
Who did the ___ work? most
I want a sandwich ___ crust. without
___ is at home. Nobody
There are many ___ at the zoo. animals
We ___ a LOUD noise! heard
She rode in ___ car. their
Why did you ___ his toy? break
The dinosaur ___ very loudly. breathed
We live on the planet ___. Earth
Cats and dogs are sometimes ___. enemies
The soldiers ___ Jesus' tomb. guarded
My bookbag isn't very ___. heavy
Buffalo travel in ___. herds
Another word for people is ___. human
The ___ were trying to capture the bear. hunters
Dinosaurs lived ___ of years ago. millions
Created by: mccann