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TL ACLS Survey

ACLS Survey

What is the first step in the ACLS survey? Airway – assess for patency, not patent patient unconscious use head tilt, chin lift; OPA; NPA or advanced airway.
How can the ACLS provider be assured the airway is effective? Confirm ratio of CPR to breaths, check by physical exam – auscultation, O2 sat, cyanosis, Check placement, Ensure secure, monitor and confirm with capnography
What is the second step in the ACLS survey? Breathing – assess ventilations and oxygenation, make sure capnography and 02 sats are monitored
What actions can the ACLS provider take to assure that breathing is effective? Give supplementary oxygen, Look for chest rise and cyanosis, check waveform capnography and 02 sats, avoid excessive ventilation
How much oxygen should be given? 100% to cardiac arrest patients, for other patients titrate for O2 sats greater than or equal to 94%
Discus different Petco values as they relate to ACLS? Petco < 10 try to improve CPR quality, 35-40 mm Hg = target Petco, > 40 sustained usually indicates ROSC
What is the third step in the ACLS survey? Circulation – Monitor CPR quality – Capnography >10 mm Hg, intra-arterial pressure > 20 mm Hg, attach monitor/defibrillator, IV/IO access for meds/fluids, meds for rhythms and bp
What is the fourth step in the ACLS? Differential Diagnosis – Why did this patient get like this. Is there a reversible cause that can be treated.