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Latin 102 Chapter XX

QuestionAnswerAdded details
sermo, servonis (m.) conversation Nomina, 3rd decl
lac, lactis, (n.) milk nomina, 3rd decl
cunae, cunarum crib nomina, 1st decl
filiola, filiolae diminuitive of filio nomina, 1st decl
colloquium, -i conversation nomina, 2nd decl
filious, -i diminuitive of filius nomina, 2nd decl
officium, -i duty nomina, 2nd decl
somnus, -i sleep nomina, 2nd decl
infans, infantis (m./f.) baby nomina, 3rd decl
nutriz, nutricis (f.) (wet) nurse nomina, 3rd decl
mulier, mulieris, (f.) woman, wife nomina, 3rd decl
sive...sive whether...or coniunctiones
una cum (+abl) together with Praepositiones
ad...versus (+acc) toward Praepositiones
adversus (+acc) toward praepositiones
minime not at all, very little adverbia
magis more adverbia
mox soon, next adverbia
perfecto surely, for a fact adverbia
raro rarely adverbia
cras tomorrow adverbia
alienus,-a, -um belonging to another adiectiva, 1st/2nd decl (us/er, -a -um)
parvulus, -a, um small adiectiva, 1st/2nd decl (us/er, -a -um)
Umidus, -a, -um humid, wet adiectiva, 1st/2nd decl (us/er, -a -um)
futurus, -a, -um future adiectiva, 1st/2nd decl (us/er, -a -um)
necessaries, -a, -um necessary adiectiva, 1st/2nd decl (us/er, -a -um)
vagio, vagire wail (of babies) verbia, 4th conj - ire
volo, velle wish, want verbia, irregular
nolo, nolle be unwilling, not want verbia, irregular
for, fari speak verbia, 1st conj - are
curo, curare care for verbia, 1st conj - are
postulo, postulare demand verbia, 1st conj - are
debeo, debere owe, ought verbia, 2nd conj - ere
careo, career (+abl) lack (+abl) verbia, 2nd conj - ere
sileo, silere be silent verbia, 2nd conj - ere
maneo, manere remain verbia, 2nd conj - ere
decet, decere be fitting, proper verbia (impersonal), 2nd conj - ere
revertor, reverti turn back verbia, 3rd conj - ere
diligo, diligere love, cherish verbia, 3rd conj - ere
alo, alere nurish, raise verbia, 3rd conj - ere
adveho, advehere carry to verbia, 3rd conj - ere
colloquor, -i converse verbia, 3rd conj - ere
occurro, occurrere run up verbia, 3rd conj - ere
pergo, pergere continue verbia, 3rd conj - ere
gradus, gradus (m) step nomina, 4th decl
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