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Latin Alive 1, ch. 6

Latin Vocabulary & Grammar

ager, agri m. field
amicus, amici m. male friend
auxilium, auxilii n. help/aid
bellum, belli n. war
donum, doni n. gift
equus, equi m. horse
germanus, germani m. brother
humus, humi f. ground
liberi, liberorum m. pl. children
oppidum, oppidi n. town
puer, pueri m. boy
socius, socii m. ally
vir, viri m. man
do, dare dedi, datum - Give
monstro, monstrare, monstravi,monstratum Show
narro,narrare, narravi,narratum Tell
pugno,pugnare,pugnavi,pugnatum Fight
servo,servare, servavi,servatum Guard/protect/take care of
field ager, agri m.
male friend amicus, amici m.
help/aid auxilium, auxilii n.
war bellum, belli n.
gift donum, doni n.
horse equus, equi m.
brother germanus, germani m.
ground humus, humi f.
children liberi, liberorum m. pl.
town oppidum, oppidi n.
boy puer, pueri m.
ally socius, socii m.
man vir, viri m.
give do,dare,dedi,datum
3rd PP of Show monstravi
3rd PP of tell narravi
3rd PP of fight pugnavi
3rd PP of guard/keep/take care of servavi
field (Nominative/singular) ager
fields (Nominative/plural) agri
boy (Nominative/singular) puer
boys (Nominative/plural) pueri
male friend (Nominative/singular) amicus
male friends Nominative/plural) amici
horse (Nominative/singular) equus
horses (Nominative/plural) equi
brother (Nominative/singular) germanus
brothers (Nominative/plural) germani
help/aid (Nominative/singular) auxilium
help/aids (Nominative/plural) auxilia
gift (Nominative/singular) donum
gifts (Nominative/plural) dona
war (Nominative/singular) bellum
wars (Nominative/plural) bella
of ground (Genitive/singular) humi
of ground (Genitive/plural) humorum
town's (Genitive/singular) oppidi
towns' (Genitive/plural) oppidorum
boy's (Genitive/singular) pueri
boys' (Genitive/plural) puerorum
of the ally (Genitive/singular) socii
of the allies (Genitive/plural) sociorum
of the man (Genitive/singular) viri
of the men (Genitive/plural) virorum
of the gift (Genitive/singular) doni
of the gifts (Genitive/plural) donorum
to/for war (Dative/singular) bello
to/for wars (Dative/plural) bellis
to/for the field (Dative/singular) agro
to/for the fields (Dative/plural) agris
to/for the ground (Dative/singular) humo
to/for the ground (Dative/plural) humis
to/for the town (Dative/singular) oppido
to/for the towns (Dative/plural) oppidis
to/for the help (Dative/singular) auxilio
to/for the help (Dative/plural) auxiliis
to/for the boy (Dative/singular) puero
to/for the boys (Dative/plural) pueris
to/for war (Dative/singular) bello
to/for wars (Dative/plural) bellis
give (present infinitive) dare
show (present infinitive) monstrare
tell (present infinitive) narrare
fight (present infinitive) pugnare
serve (present infinitive) servare
give (present stem) da
show (present stem) monstra
tell (present stem) narra
fight (present stem) pugna
serve (present stem) serva
3rd PP of give dedi
3rd PP of show monstravi
3rd PP of tell narravi
3rd PP of serve servavi
3rd PP of fight pugnavi
4th PP of give datum
4th PP of show monstratum
4th PP of tell narratum
4th PP of fight pugnatum
4th PP of serve servatum
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