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Latin Alive 1, ch. 4

Latin Vocbulary & Grammar

agricola, agricolae m. farmer
femina, feminae f. woman
Graecia, Graeciae f. Greece
incola, incolae m. settler
insula, insulae f. island
nauta, nautae m. sailor
patria, patriae f. country/fatherland
poeta, poetae m. poet
puella, puellae f. girl
regina, reginae f. queen
terra, terrae f. earth/land
Troia, Traiae f. Troy
pulcher,pulchera,pulcherum beautiful
scriba, scribae m. scribe
Definition of a "Pain Word" 1st conjugation words that are masculine.
5 Pain Words poeta,agricola,incola nauta,scriba
poet poeta, poeta m.
farmer agricola,agricolae m.
settler incola,incolae m.
woman femina,feminae f.
Greece Graecia,Graeciae f.
Troy Troia,Troiae f.
island insula,insulae f.
sailor nauta,nautae m.
country/fatherland patria,patriae f.
girl puella,puellae f.
queen regina,reginae f.
earth/land terra,terrae f.
farmer (Nominative/singular) agricola
farmer (Nominative/plural) agricolae
Greece (Nominative/singular) Graecia
Greece (Nominative/plural) Graeciae
settler (Nominative/singular) incola
sailar (Nominative/plural) incolae
country (Nominative/singular) patria
country (Nominative plural) patriae
girl (Nominative/singular) puella
girl (Nominative/plural) puellae
land (Nominative/singular) terra
land (Nominative/plural terrae
beautiful pulcher,pulchera,pulcherum
Troy (Genitive/singular) Troiae
Troy (Genitive/plural) Troiarum
farmer (Genitive/singular) agricolae
farmer (Genitive/plural) agricolarum
woman (Genitive/singular) feminae
woman (Genitive/plural) feminarum
Greece (Genitive/singlular) Graeciae
Greece (Genitive/plural) Graeciarum
island (Genitive/singular) insulae
island (Genitive/plural) insularum
settler (Dative/singular) incolae
settler (Dative/plural) incolis
sailor (Dative/singular) nautae
sailor (Dative/plural) nautis
country (Dative/singular) patriae
country (Dative/plural) patriis
woman (Dative/singular) feminae
woman (Dative/plural) feminis
Troy (Accusative/singular) Troiam
Troy (Accusative/plural) Troias
land (Accusative/plural) terram
land (Accusative/plural) terras
queen (Accusative/singular) reginam
queen (Accusative/plural) reginas
girl (Accusative/singular) puellam
girl (Accusative/plural) puellas
poet (Accusative/singular) poetam
poet (Accusative/plural) poetas
country (Ablative/singular) patria
country (Ablative/plural) patriis
sailor (Ablative/singular) nauta
sailor (Ablative/plural) nautis
island (Ablative/singular) insula
island (Ablative/plural) insulis
settler (Ablative/singular) incola
settler (Ablative/plural) incolis
woman (Ablative/singular) femina
woman (Ablative/plural) feminis
farmer (Ablative/singular) agricola
farmer (Ablative/plural) agricolis
Nominative Case subject/predicate
Genitive Case possesion (of, apostrophe)
Dative Case indirect object (to-for)
Accusative Case DirectObject prepositions:motion toward
Ablative Case in/by/with/from prepositions:motion away from /location
Created by: kjgray6962