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Pediatric Drugs 5

Actemra (tocilizumab) Over 2 years and 30 kg: IV 8mg/kg q 2wks. Side effects: Headache, dizziness, rash. Nursing implications: Monitor for S&S of serious allergic reactions, monitor for S&S of polyneuropathy.
Orencia (abatacept) At least 6 yrs and under 75 kg: 10mg/kg at 2 and 4 wks, then monthly (max 1000mg). Side effects: Cough, hypertension, nausea, rash. Nursing implications: Screen for latent TB infection prior to initiating treatment, monitor for S&S of hypersensitivity.
Prednizone 0.1-0.15mg/kg/day. Side effects: Headache, N/V, peptic ulcer, growth suppression. Nursing implications: Check and record BP during dose stabilization, monitor for S&S of hypocalcemia.
Ketoconazole Over 2 yrs: 3.3-6.6mg/kg/day as a single dose. Side effects: Urticaria, pruritus, N/V/D. Nursing implications: Monitor baseline LFTs, monitor for S&S of hepatoxicity.
Cuvposa 0.02 mg/kg orally three times daily. Side effects: Dry mouth, vomiting, constipation, flushing.
Dexamethasone 0.08-0.13 mg/kg/day. Side effects: HTN, nausea, heartburn, impaired wound healing. Nursing implications: Monitor for S&S of Cushing's syndrome, monitor for S&S of hypersensitivity reaction.
Lisinopril 6-16 yrs: Start at 0.07mg/kg/day (max 5 mg) once a day. Side effects: HA, dizziness, fatigue, N/V/D. Nursing implications: Measure BP just prior to dosing, monitor for angioedema of face, lips, tongue.
Mebendazole 100mg b.i.d for 3 days. Side effects: Dizziness, fever, diarrhea. Nursing implications: Initiate 2nd course of treatment if cure does not occur in 3 weeks, examine and treat all family members simultaneously.
Captopril (Capoten) Adolescent: 12.5-25mg b.i.d. or t.i.d. Side effects: Arthralgia, skin eruptions, altered taste. Nursing implications: Monitor BP closely following first dose, advise bed rest, monitor therapeutic effectiveness.
Digoxin 2-10 yrs: 6-7.5mcg/kg/day. Side effects: fatigue, muscle weakness, headache. Nursing implications: Take AP for 1 full minute prior to administration, withhold medication and notify prescriber if AP falls below ordered parameters.
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