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dudek - chapter 5

vitamins do not provide energy. function as coenzymes
vitamins are ___________in the diet. essential because they cannot be made by the body.
enrichment to add nutrients that were lost during processing of the food product
fortify to add nutrients not naturally found in the food product
fat soluable vitamins Vitamins A, D, E, K. sotred in liver an addipose tissue. do not need to be consumed daily
water soluable vitamins B complex and C vitamins. daily intake is necessary
free radicals are porduced in cells as they burn oxygen during normal metabolism. they oxidize cells around to gain electrons and become stable. these cells are thought to contribut to aging and helath problems
antioxidants substances that donate electrons to free radicals to prevent oxidation. Vitamin C, E and beta -carotene are major antioxidants
how to boost intake of fruits and vegetables eat at least 5 servings..aim for 9. avoid overcooking vegetables.make vegeatables more visible
Created by: N119