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module 2 read


the right to safe and adequate care each resident has the right to receive safe and adequate care in a clean and comfortable environment
the right to information about nursing home policies/procedure each resident mus be informed both orally and in writing in a language the resident understands about the right and rules governing resident conduct and of all services available and charges for such services
the right to participate in and to determine your own plan of care each resident has the right to choose a personal attending physician. each resident is informed in advance about proposed care and treatment, about alternative choices and and changes in theri health status. resident may refuse any treatment
right notice of transfer or dischaarge: each resident may be transferred or discharge out of the facility for only medical reason(a) (b) their welfare or welfare of other resident (c)nonpayment, unless pohibited by medicaid
the right to excercise rights resident cannot be admitted to or detained in a nursing home against their will by a guardian or anyone else.
the right to manage financial affairs each resident may manage their own personal financial affairs, each resident my authorize the facility in writing to manage any part of their personal financial affairs
the right to be free from abuse and restraints each resident has the right to be free from verbal sexual and physical or mental abuse corporal punishment and involuntary seclusion
right to privacy and respect the nursing home must treat each resident with consideration respect and full recognition of their dignity and individuality the most nursing home must provide treament and care of personal need in a private area.
right to freely associate comunicate and correspond with others in private the nursing home must give married resident the opportunity to share a roomd if they choose.
right to maintain personal possessions each resident has the right to retain and use their personal possessions as space and health regulations permit
right to not be required to work no resident shall be required to perform services for the nursing home.
code of ethics keep promises/dont tell them they'll be okay/if they want/avoid names/if patient dies dont touch them religious differences/time management
OBRA omnibus budget reconciliation act law took attend 1984
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