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A Comprehensive List of N2 Vocabulary Words

外れる hazureru to be off; to be out of tune
予報 yohou a forecast; a prediction (mostly used for weather, nature, etc.)
物価 bukka cost of living; prices (in general); prices of commodities
セールスマン seerusuman a salesman
契約書 keiyakusho a (written) contract; a (written) agreement
足の向くままに ashi no muku mama ni as your legs lead you (to freely wander around w/ no set plans)
再婚 saikon a remarriage; a 2nd marriage
間抜け(な) manuke na stupidity, idiot; dunce; blockheaded
震える furueru to tremble/shiver/shake (vi.)
寝込む nekomu to stay in bed (for a long time); to fall asleep
興奮 koufun excitement; arousal
気を失う ki o ushinau to lose consciousness
続出 zokushutsu an appearance one after another
くやしい kuyashii disappointing; annoying
事件の現場 jiken no genba the scene of the crime of the incident
怒り ikari anger; rage; hatred
驚き odoroki surprise; astonishment
恐れる osoreru to fear; to be afraid of
定価 teika fixed price
重要な juuyou na very important
動く ugoku to work/operate (of an electronic device)
倒れる taoreru to fall down; to collapse
治る naoru to get well; to be cured
繰り返し kurikaeshi repeatedly (adv.)
さんざん sanzan long and hard
苦労 kurou troubles, pain, a hard time
悩む nayamu to be worried; to be troubled
進学 shingaku to enter a higher level of school (esp. going on to university)
就職 shuushoku to find employment
住民 juumin citizens; residents
話し合い hanashiai the talks; a discussion; a conference
建設 kensetsu construction; establishment
散る chiru to fall (leaves, blossoms)
仲良く nakayoku make friends with; be on cordial terms with; get along well
約束の yakusoku no arranged; appointed; scheduled
あやまり ayamari mistake; error; slip
アンケート ankeetoo survey; questionnaire
食事中 shokujichuu having breakfast/lunch/dinner; taking a meal
検査 kensa inspection (e.g. customs, factory); examination; scan (e.g. MRI, etc.)
異常 ijou abnormality; disorder; strangeness
問い合わせる toiawaseru to inquire; to seek information
届く todoku to be delivered
届ける todokeru to deliver
工場 koujou a factory; a plant; a workshop
お話中 ohanashichuu busy (phone); in the middle of having a conversation
ほこり hokori dust
畳む tatamu to fold up (clothes, etc.)
皺だらけ shiwa darake full of wrinkles
泥だらけ doro darake covered in dirt
血だらけ chi darake covered in blood
否定的な hiteiteki na negative; contradictory
肯定的な kouteiteki na positive; affirmative
看病 kanbyou nursing (a patient; sick person)
一人(っ)きり hitori(k)kiri all on one’s own; alone
二人(っ)きり futari(k)kiri all on their own; just the two of them
これ(っ)きり kore(k)kiri last time (as of now); never again; only this
しゃべりっぱなし shaberippanashi to be talking/chatting the whole time
散らかしっぱなし chirakashippanashi to be left untidy the whole time; to be scattered around
水を出しっぱなし mizu o dashippanashi with the water left running
財布を置きっぱなし saifu o okippanashi with the wallet left (behind where it was); to abandon s.t.
海外旅行 kaigai ryokou a vacation abroad; traveling abroad
専門家 senmonka a specialist
予想 yosou an expectation; anticipation; prediction
景気 keiki business condition (s)
我々 wareware we (male, traditional, literary, humble)
新商品 shinshouhin a new product
意思 ishi will; intent(ion); purpose
トラブル toraburu trouble; problems
優れた sugureta excellent; remarkable; superior
学者 gakusha a scholar
精神的に seishinteki ni emotionally; mentally
nuno a cloth
netsu heat
予算 yosan a budget; the budget
大気中 taikichuu in the atmosphere
濃度 noudo concentration; density; thickness
上昇 joushou a rising/ascension/climbing
地球温暖化 chikyuuondanka global warming
天候 tenkou weather (same as 天気、 but more 硬い & general meaning)
成長 seichou growing up; growth; growing to adulthood
どこか dokoka in some respects
資源 shigen resources
節約 setsuyaku economizing; saving
電力 denryoku electric power; electricity
社員 shain the company employee(s); stockholders; members of a corp.
給料 kyuuryou salary
ノートパソコン nooto pasokon a laptop; a notebook PC
手軽 tegaru easy; simple
壊れやすい kowareyasui breaks easily; east to break
店側の mise-gawa no from the side (perspective) of the store
検討 kentou consideration, a weighing out
再検討 saikentou reconsideration, a weighing out again
キャプテン kyaputen captain
決意 ketsui a decision (a making up of one’s mind)
表す arawasu to express, display, signify
天気図 tenkizu weather map
統計 toukei the statistics
理論 riron theory
実験 jikken experiment
計算 keisan calculation, arithmetic
可能 kanou possibility (past, present)
可能性 kanousei possibility (future)
実用 jitsuyou practical usage
ミス misu mistake
金額 kingaku amount of money
受験 juken taking an examination
手続き tetsudzuki (legal) procedures
完了 kanryou all done! All finished!
全力 zenryoku All you’ve got (all your energy/power)
つくす tsukusu To exhaust [use (e.g. your energy) ‘til you run out of it]
書類 shorui document, papers (official)
初心者 shoshinsha a beginner
生産 seisan production
国内 kokunai domestic
海外輸出 kaigai yushutsu foreign exports
増加 zouka an increase
花火大会 hanabi taikai fireworks display
中止 chuushi a suspension, stoppage a/o interruption
本人 hon’nin in-person, the person him/herself
このたび kono tabi at this time
伺う ukagau humble form of 訪ねる、聞く & 行く
日時 nichiji time & day; date & time
変更 henkou change
改める aratameru to amend, to correct
のちほど nochihodo later on
書面 shomen (in) writing
にて nite literary form of で (i.e. at, in)
報告 houkoku a report (official)
回復 kaifuku improvement, recovery
再開 saikai a reopening/resumption
事情 jijou the situation; the circumstances
利用規則 riyou kisoku rules of use
改正 kaisei a revision, an amendment
対象 taishou a target, an object, a subject
延長 enchou an extension, prolonging
要求 youkyuu request, demands
目上の人 meue no hito your superior’s, your elders
農産 nousan agricultural produce
未成年者 miseinensha minor, under age
成年 seinen adult age
飲酒 inshu the drinking of alcohol
禁じる kinjiru to prohibit
被害 higai damage (caused by a natural disaster)
過去最大 kakosaidai the largest ever, biggest, record
手段 shudan method, means, medium, tool
根拠 konkyo basis, foundation
原因 gen’in cause
場合 ba’ai case
汚職事件 oshoku-jiken a corruption case
逮捕 taiho an arrest, capture
マスコミ masukomi mass communication
誇り hokori pride
人身事故 jinshin-jiko a fatal car accident (resulting in major injury or death)
ダイヤ daiya a (railway) schedule; timetable
乱れる midareru to be disordered (in chaos)
国民 kokumin the people (of a nation)
年々 nen’nen year by year, year after year
高まる takamaru to mount, to surge
金メダル kin-medaru gold medal
銀メダル gin-medaru silver medal
銅メダル dou-medaru bronze medal
akagane copper, bronze
老人 roujin an elderly person; old people
患者 kanja a patient (medical)
プライバシー purabashii privacy
何らかの naniraka some kind of ~; any ~; some kind or another ~
何から何まで nanikara nanimade anything & everything, inside & out, from A to Z
疑い utagai doubt, suspicion
各課 kakuka every lesson
最終試験 saishuu-shiken the final exam
総合的に sougouteki ni comprehensively; integrated-ly;
評価 hyouka an evaluation
今さら imasara now (after all this time has passed)
長電話 nagadenwa long telephone conversation
今こそ imakoso now is the time; it is high time
進路 shinro route; course; university choices; course (of one’s future/life)
医療 iryou medical care; medical treatment
ますます masumasu more and more; increasingly; less and less; decreasingly
進歩 shinpo progress; development; advancement
新種 shinshu a new kind; a new species/variety
ウイルス uirusu virus
による ni yoru by, on (due to, because of)
広がる hirogaru to spread, to get around
会話的な kaiwateki na conversational
非難 hinan criticism; blame; censure
回復に向かう kaifuku ni mukau to recover
相手チーム aite chiimu the other team; the opposing team
情勢 jousei the situation; the state of things
見守る mimamoru to watch over; to watch attentively
事業 jigyou business
拡大 kakudai an expansion; enlargement
いやな iya na unpleasant
単なる tan’naru simple, mere, sheer
言い間違い iimachigai slip of the tongue; misstatement
日常会話 nichijou kaiwa everyday (daily life) conversation
あくまでも akumademo to the very (bitter) end; stubbornly; persistently
計画 keikaku plan
不可能 fukanou an impossibility (past, present)
試験用紙 shiken youshi test application
夜遅く(まで) yoru osoku (made) (until) late at night; at a late hour
学習 gakushuu learning
開発 kaihatsu development; exploitation
看護師 kangoshi (hospital) nurse; registered nurse; RN
長年 naganen long time; many years
長年の夢 naganen no yume a long-cherished dream
研究開発 kenkyuu kaihatsu R&D (research & development)
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