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What is engineering and design process

What does STEM stand for? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
What does Innovate mean? To improve or make better
What 4 things do engineers do? Design, model, test, innovate
What 4 things relate to math? numbers, graphs, measurements, geometry
What 5 things do humans need to survive? food, water, shelter, clothes, and friends
What is Criteria? what you need in a project
What are constraints? Limits in a project
What are 3 constraints present in every project? time, money, space
What is the first step in the design process? define the problem
What is the last step in the design process? Communicate results
What does STEM allow us to do? solve problems based on societal needs and wants
What is the difference in science and technology? science is made in nature and technology is how humans use natural materials to create new things
Why do engineers work in teams? Experts from all different fields of study are needed to complete a project
What is invent mean? to make something brand new
What is the main purpose of having students present their ideas to their colleagues Their colleagues can use their ideas for future solutions
Why is STEM important? Many jobs of the future gobal economy will be in STEM careers
How do engineers do research? they ask an expert
The modern engineering field can be described as Innovative Competitive Comprehensive
what is engineering Using technological and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.
What does evaluate mean in the design process? Judge and grade the solution
Created by: TurnerSell