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clist 100

없다 Do not exist/ absent
않다 To not be/ to not do
사람 Person
우리 we/ our
그 He
아니다 To not be
보다 To try
the time/ the moment
A thing or an object
보다 To see
같다 To be similar
주다 To give/ to do for a person
대하다 Face/ confront
가다 To go
One/ a single
words/ speaking
때문 reason for something
말하다 Speak
위하다 To do for the sake of
그러나 However or but still
오다 To come
알다 To know
~ Mr.
그렇다 That is right or yes.
크다 To be big/ large
also/ again
One day
사회 culture/ society
많다 many/ much
~ not ~ + VERB
좋다 To be good
받다 Receive
그것 That thing
나오다 Come out
따르다 to follow
그리고 And or and then
문제 question/ problem
그런 Such a
살다 To live
못하다 Be impossible
생각하다 To think
모르다 To not know
The inside
만들다 To make
Place/ point/ instance
In front of/ before
경우 A case or an instance
The center/ the middle
어떤 What kind of/ what sort of
그녀 She
먹다 Eat/ chow down on
오다 to fall (rain
자신 one’s own self/ one's own body
문화 culture
A unit of south korean money
생각 Thought
어떻다 how/ what.. do you think of
Person counter
통하다 Run/ lead/ flow/ go through
그러다 and so/ and then/ well
소리 A sound/ noise
다시 Again
다른 Different
이런 Such/ like this
여자 woman
Unit or piece
정도 grade/ degree
back/ the rear
듣다 to listen/ to hear
All/ everything
A little
들다 to enter
싶다 want/ hope
보이다 see/ catch sight of
가지다 To have or take or hold
함께 Together/ with
아이 Child
지나다 pass/ elapse/ go on
많이 A lot
시간 Time
Created by: matthewm12