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MAMC exam 8 sexually transmitted disease

define std infections that are usually transmitted during intimate sexual encounters
t/f std can transfer from infected mother to newborn true
t/f std can occur with or without symptoms true
factors contributing to contracting std uprotected sex premissiveness treatment delay antibiotic resistance
examples of stds aids/hiv gonorrhea syphilis trichomoniasis, hsv venereal warts chlamydia
genital herpes infectious viral disease herpes simplex virus type I & type II
is there a cure for genital herpes no
assessment/clinical manifestations for genital herpes vesicles initial lesions persist for 3-10 days recurrent lesions have a duration of 7-10 days
diagnosis for genital herpes physical exam & patient history culturs
medical management for genital herpes lesions heal spontaneously lidocaine acyCLOVIER valacyCLOVIER famciCLOVIER hygiene loose fitting cotton undergarments frequent sitz baths
stages of syphilis primary secondary latent tertiary
lab tests for syphilis VDRL RPR
medical management for syphilis parenteral benzylpenicillin (penicillin G)
how to diagnose gonorrhea cultures
medical management for gonorrhea ceftriaxone cefixime
medical management for trichomoniasis metronidazole (Flagyl)
how to diagnose candidiasis gram stain
medical management for candidiasis controlling DM d/c antibiotics/oral contraceptives nystatin
how to diagnose chlamydia culture direct fluorescent antibiody (dfa)
medical management for chlamydia tetracycline doxycycline ofloxacin axithromycin erythromycin
drug of choice for chlamydia during pregnancy erythromycin
what std is presumed to co-exist with gonorrhea? chlamydia
nursing interventions for genital herpes keep lesions clean & dry wash hands cotton underwear sitz baths abstain condoms advise partner(s) & HCP stress, nutrition, rest support
nursing interventions for syphilis monitor for drug reaction wash hands follow-up visits
nursing interventions for gonorrhea loose, abosrbent underwear sitz baths avoid infecting partner can result in sterility birth control notify present & past partner
nursing interventions for trichomoniasis avoid alcohol urine may turn dark orange to brown avoid douches, sprays, powders loose-fitting clothing & cotton underwear follow-up care contact partner(s)
nursing interventions for candidiasis medications inform partner(s) treatment hand washing
nursing interventions for chlamydia support
why should patients avoid alcohol while taking metronidazole? alcohol can cause reaction with med such as disorientation, headache, cramps, vomiting, & possible convulsions
patient education for stds number of partners avoid contact hygiene mouthwash/gargle barrier contraceptives water-based lubricant void after intercourse seek treatment avoid excess douching examinations
what type of contraceptive might help prevent std? condom
Created by: ealongo