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Robotics Final

Class Material for Intro to Robotics

(Chap 12) Robots can improve product quality because of their.... A. Accuracy B. repeatability C. cost effectiveness D. Both A and B D. Both A and B
(Chap 12) The money a business spends to purchase fixed assets is a A. avoidance cost B. allocation C. capital investment D. market venture C. capital investment
(Chap 12) The money spent on replacing existing production or assembly methods to reduce current costs is an investment known as A. cost savings C. non-economic justification C. avoidance cost D. re-tooling A. cost savings
(Chap 12) Each production check provides different enabled choices within the program select detail. Which condition takes priority when multiple conditions are enabled? A. "check when run" B. "check when resume" C. "force condition" C. "force condition
(Chap 12) What start up method is used when turning on power to the robot and controller without entering boot monitor functions? A. hot start B. cold start A. hot start
(Chap 12) Can you always start the same program from the SOP cycle start while in remote mode? A. yes B. no B. no
(Chap 12) Intelligent machines can do the same job as trained workers and save labor costs by replacing those worker. A. true B. false B. false
(Chap 12) Automated equipment can easily compensate for irregularities in product components. A. true B. false B. false
(Chap 12) When working conditions are unpleasant or unsafe, worker productivity is affected. A. true B. false A. true
(Chap 12) Automated equipment requires consistently uniform components to function efficiently. A. true B. false A. true
(Chap 12) Most automated equipment is dedicated, or designed to perform one function. A. true B. false A. true
(Chap 12) A matrix begins by stating the problem and proposing a solution supported by rationale. A. true B. false B. false
(Chap 12) When the controller is in local mode it cannot start from an external signal such as a PLC or cell controller. A. true B. false A. true
(Chap 12) When you enable the AT HOME check within the setup menu, the controller will check to see if the robot is at the home position and if it's not at home position then it will not run the production program. A. true B. false A. true
(Chap 12) The time required to recover the cost of new equipment, either through savings in labor or materials, is called __________. Payback Period
(Chap 12) The money a business spends to purchase robots is a __________ investment. capital
(Chap 12) Investments made in equipment or other business/production assets which are projected to prevent additional costs in the future are __________. avoidance costs
(Chap 12) The key elements of various robots can be compared by constructing a(n) __________. matrix
(Chap 12) Proposals should always contain __________ justification. economic
(Chap 12) Describe the steps in developing a successful implementation plan. Figure it out.
(Chap 11) Most system problems are __________ failures. A. component B. power C. operator D. safety A. component
A __________ solder should be used for all electronic circuit work. A. cold B. acid-core C. resin-core D. None of the Above C. resin-core
__________ is key to preventative maintenance. A. Efficiency B. Testing equipment C. Inventory cycle D. Documentation D. Documentation
When assigning user key SU[3}, the key that executes the macro is: A. shift+tool1 B. shift+move menu C. shift+I/O D. shift+tool2 B. shift+move menu
Which of the following devices can be assigned macro instructions? A. MF[1] to MF[99] : Items on the manual operation screen B. UK[1] to UK[7] : User keys 1 to 7 on the teach pendant C. SU[1] to SU[7] : User keys 1 to 7 + SHIFT key on the TP D. All Ab D. All of the Above
Thorough circuit and system testing should be performed before a visual inspection. A. true B. false B. false
To gather information about a particular system, a technician should reference a schematic, service or maintenance manual, operating manual, and an experienced operator. A. true B. false A. true
Scrap is a manufactured part that is reconditioned and put back into service. A. true B. false B. false
You can set a macro to run from a Teach Pendant user key alone or with the SHIFT key. A. true B. false A. true
A macro instruction is a function for registering a program consisting of a sequence of instructions as one instruction, and calling such a set of instruction for execution as required. A. true B. false A. true
When a key on the teach pendant is assigned to a macro instruction, it becomes that macro instructions device, and the key can still be used for its original function. A. true B. false B. false
Created by: SilverFang
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