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Ch. 15 Air Pol Pt. 2

Environmental Ecology- Air Pollution

Nitrogen Oxide (NO) N2+O2---(combustion in cars)---> NO Very reactive
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) NO+O2---->NO2 NO2 reacts with water vapor in air to produce Nitric acid (HNO3)= Acid Rain
NOX Variable- cause respiratory problems like irritants to eyes & nose
Nitrous Oxide (N20) Greenhouse gas Natural source- animal waste Human source- Fertilizers, burning of fossil fuels
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Primary source- coal burning, oil refineries SO2+H2O-->H2SO4 (Sulfuric acid)= Acid Rain Highly Reactive
Particulates Suspended particulate matter (SPM) <10 Micromiters in size = 1/10,000 M 60% natural sources (Dust, Forest Fires) 40% human sources (Ag, Construction, Tobacco Smoke, exhaust)
Results of SPM Irrations of eyes, nose, throat, responsible for genetic mutations (cancer), nervous system damage
Photochemical Ozone O3(Chemicals)- smog Respiratory Problems, Lung and Heart Disease, Irritations
VOC'S Volatile Organic Compounds Fumes/Ignitable 1/3 Natural Sources- Swamp gas-methine CH4 2/3 Human Sources- Oil/gas wells, gasoline, crude oil "Flaring"
Radon Gas Natural radioactive gas (RN) Has the ability to seep into cracks in houses Known producer of lung cancer
Smog (Photochemical Response) Chemicals suspended in the air that hits sun light and produces haze like Human Sources- Cars
Industry Smog Gray like appearance called gray air smog, induced by industry
Brown Air Smog VOC's from cars+NO2+UV+photochemical ozone+heat--->SMOG
Acid Deposition 1. Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) 2. Nitric Acid (HNO3) Comes down as acid rain/snow/dust PH Range <5.6
Harmful Effects of Acid Deposition 1. Respiratory Problems 2. Leaching 3. Damage to Physical Structures 4. Wildlife Damage- direct impact of food chain
Leaching Chemical removal process that leaches out toxic metals out of the ground like lead and mercury, and can leach out plant nutrients
Pollution from Air Pollution 1. Nasal Hairs (filters pollutants) 2. Upper Respiratory Track- lining coated with mucous and cilia-small hairs. (sneezing & coughing)
Created by: ginganinjaem