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Music 100 - GVSU - D

poetry and music are intimately fused Art Song
piano and vocal, piano takes on a character, text if from romantic literature Lied(er)
Austrian, Born in Vienna Franz Schubert
Every verse has same music Strophic
Each verse has different music to bring out meaning of the text Through-composed
Very Morbid song by Franz Schubert Erlking
Composer who used fictitious characaters named Eusebius and Florestan Robert Schumann
Collection of Lied(er) about poems Song Cycle
Wife of Famous composer who wrote "Forward" about revolutions Clara Schumann
piano works, mood setting in a very expressive way Character pieces
To rob time Rubato
Night Music, reflects moods of the evening (Chopin) Nocturnes
Symphony about traveling group of actors where main character meets ideal woman and makes the symphony about his love for her Symphonie Fantastique
Music representation of the woman he loves, is prevalent in all 5 movements (Berlioz) Idee Fixe
Theme of "Dream of a witches Sabbath" Supernatural
Russian Composer who's music sounded Western peter tchaikovsky
Composer who writes about Shakespeares plays peter tchaikovksy
becomes own genre in the 19th century Ballet
Composer who uses Love and Feud Themes peter tchaikovsky
Year of Failed Revolutions around Europe 1848
An opera composer who criticize modern opera Richard Wagner
Composer who renamed operas to "Music Dramas" Richard Wagner
Doesn't stop playing so the orchestra must use _____ to keep it all together Orchestral Web
This Composer stretched the limits of harmony Richard Wagner
Represents character, object, or idea, which returns repeatedly in order to show drama Leitmotiv
Member of the Russian 5 and nationalism Musorgsky
Rejected music of the future and wrote songs in a traditional style Johannes Brahms
Was pro-Music of the future Gustav Mahler
Used alternative scales, weird, odd, out-there, experimental Avant Garde
"Shades of Sound" composer who concentrated on Timbre and Texture Claude Debussy
Anti-Romantic style of music composer who was unemotional and barbaric Igor Stravinsky
Composer who exploited extreme states and took an expressionist approach to music. Emancipation of Dissonance Arnold Schoenberg
Speechstimme, 1/2 Singing, 1/2 Talking pierrot Lunaire
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