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What are the functions of the skin>? Thermoregulation, protection barrier, Vitamin D synthesis
Who are more prone to skin CA? Elderly due to years of exposure in the sun
What type of skin CA do younger adults (25-29) experience? melanoma
Who are the majority diagnosed with melanoma? white males over the age of 50
Which type of skin CA is on the rise in women under 40? basal cell carcinoma
Who are at risk for late diagnosis? African Americans and Asian Americans
Where is skin CA more prevalent on the body for those who are not white? non-exposed skin-less pigment, palms, soles, mucus membranes, and nail regions
What is the different between UVA and UVB waves? UVA- causes damage to cells, wrinkles UVB- causes damage to DNA, sunburns
What are the different types of skin CA? Actinic Keratois (premalignant squamous cell), squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma
What is the early stage of squamous cell carcinoma? actinic Keratosis
How does Actinic Keratosis feel? Like sand paper
Where does squamous cell carcinoma occur? on damaged skin, mostly sun exposed areas, but can also occur on all other areas including genitals and mucus membranes
What are the cardinal signs of SCC? An open sore that bleeds or crusts and persist for weeks A wart like growth that crusts and occasionally bleeds Typically appears as a persistent thick, rough, scaly patch that can bleed
What is the most common type of skin CA? basal cell carcinoma
Which skin CA has a higher risk for metastasis? SCC, basal does not
What are the ABCDEs of Melanoma? Asymmetry, boarders uneven, color varies, diameter larger than an eraser on a pencil, evolution in size, shape, and color
What is the most common surgery for skin CA? Mohs surgery
Which medications can trigger psoriasis? Lithium, Beta blockers
What is the main TX option for psoriasis? stress reduction
What is cellulitis caused by? staph and staph due to dog, insect bite, cat scratch, common with obese patients
What skin condition is associated w malaise and fever? cellulitis
How is cellulitis treated? ATB, heat, immobilization, elevation, pain management
Where do shingles occur? along nerve dermatomes
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